Wednesday, February 4

Another Softie: Meet Bob the Beaver

I feel so bad... My middle kid, Sophie, hasn't been feeling too good; had a fever yesterday, chose to skip her activity this evening "because I don't want to make the other kids sick." Around 7:00, I asked her to put her PJs on while I put the littlest one, Lucy, to bed. A couple times, Soph called up to me, asking for this or that, and I told her I'd be right with her. As soon as I'd read one short book to Lucy and put her in bed, I went down to attend to Sophie.

...She'd already tucked herself into bed and was fast asleep. No bedtime story from Mom, no goodnight kiss. Maybe I should've reversed the bedtime order this evening!

But I know what will make me smile: seeing Bob again.

Mo gave me the idea to make a beaver. And I love that he turned out just like I'd imagined him. The background fabric shown is what I used for his underside. When Lier saw him, she said the print of the purple fabric reminded her of the logs and sticks that make a beaver's dam. I hadn't even thought of that when I picked it but it's so true; I just happened to have purple corduroy which I thought would make a good tail, and this print fabric matched that the best.

And when my mom heard the noise he makes (I added some crinkly stuff inside his tail; will add it inside his body next time too), she said it reminded her of what beavers might sound like when they're chewing up their logs. Again, hadn't even thought of that; just figured the flat tail, like the elephant's ears previously, would be a good spot to stash some crinkly stuff.** Anyway, here's a closeup of his buckteeth, ready to chew up some logs...

Bob was included in the set I made for Ebby that I mentioned yesterday. Now in addition to the pink-n-orange reverso purse, I'm also sewing up 2 more penguins, 2 cows (got the idea from LiEr; scroll to end of post for picture), and another chick, all for co-workers of hers. (Original concept for these softies as well as penguin and chick design by the oh-so-talented Wendi.)

**Back when I did the elephants, I tried a few layers of plastic bags first, but they weren't crinkly enough once sewed in place. Sounded fine on their own; I think being in a fabric sandwich muffled them. Then found some "tissue paper" that actually seems to be made of plastic. It's sort of iridescent; I assume I could find more in the gift wrap aisle. 'Cause after a couple elephants and a few beavers, my scrap is almost gone. But just the other day, as I was on my way to the trash to throw away yet another cereal bag, I wondered how that would work. Seemed very crinkly-sounding. I wonder if it would "muffle" like the plastic bags did... (jump back up)


  1. What cute little teeth! I don't know how you have time to do all of this . . .

  2. Easy, I ignore my kids, let my dishes grow mold from being piled in the sink so long, and can hardly walk through my house because of all the junk piled everywhere.

    OK, I'm joking. Mostly.

    I'm going to go empty my dishwasher RIGHT NOW!

  3. So cute! I got to see Bob the Beaver in person (...beaver-to-person?...) because Ebby showed him to me one night. What a fun baby gift all of these little critters are!

  4. Have you tried using the plastic from a baby wipes bag, the kind that have the little plastic door? They give great sound! My son crinkles it while I change his diaper.



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