Sunday, February 8

Apron: Tropical, Earthy Edition

My youngest cousin is getting married this month! Yesterday, we were at her wedding shower. To tuck in with all the kitchen-y stuff my mom and I picked up off the registry, I made an apron. Same design as the one for Suz and the one for Mo. But different fabrics...

Used a remnant of olive green duck cloth for the bulk of it because I love nice, "thick" aprons that can withstand hands being rubbed clean on them.

The print because it makes me think of her tropical Central American wedding locale, plus it's a super flowy fabric so it's perfect to use as ties.

And the beige linen (accent and shoulder straps) because... well, I love linen and I think she does too.

All in all, I think it'll mesh well with my cousin's earthy vibe. (Note: not "earthy" as in doesn't shower or shave her legs; "earthy" as in possesses a deep, rich personality; and often wears browns and greens; and always looks stunning... without looking like she spent all morning in front of a mirror!)

I'm so happy for her and her man. And I'm wildly jealous of the two-week honeymoon cruise they're going on...

P.S. My girls were also at the shower, having their own fun-n-games time with all the other kids down in the basement, overseen by their oldest second-cousins. At one point, they all brought up pictures they'd colored of a bride and groom. On the back, they'd each dictated advice for the new couple. SO FUNNY! One of my favorites was "Get dressed every morning." : )


  1. Love the apron! I fell in love with Mo's when I saw it too. I might have to commission you for some of those for gifts sometime!

  2. Cool apron! I like the little white tips of the ties - cute! I'm with you on fabric that stands up on its own for projects like this. I've never sewn an apron (kid dress-up clothes not counted) before - am inspired to do some for gifts now. But I probably need to experiment on myself first. Whee- new project for Christmas! Thanks for the idea, K!

  3. Dee, glad to hear you liked Mo's too. Should post a photo of it here one of these days.

    Thanks, LiEr. Yeah, you totally need to make yourself an apron -- let me know if you want any dimensions to get you started.

  4. oh, the apron is great!! i'm sure your cousin will love it! i really need to make me one. :)

  5. yeah, me too, Kerri. i even have the fabric for an apron for me already. but other projects keep cropping up.



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