Saturday, February 28

Nursing Cover and Baby Shower Banner

The baby shower this morning was lots of fun. And I’m so glad I had time yesterday to make a nursing cover for the new mom, with some cute fabric remnants I picked up recently. IMG_1241Never had one of these slick things myself, but there are loads of tutorials online; picked this one to guide me (super-well written, great pictures, etc.).

But then decided I wanted it to be reversible. Which wouldn’t work if I used boning. So figured out another way to stiffen it. I wonder how it will fare long term; sure seems like it’s stiff enough…IMG_1227

Here’s me modeling it with the non-pink side out, the one that won’t look quite so out of place in a diaper bag filled with stuff for a little boy.IMG_1220

Speaking of little boy, my co-host had a cute idea for a banner showcasing the baby’s name. I cut some onesie shapes out of cardstock and glued on letters cut from scrapbook paper. I would’ve loved to clip the onesies to the string with some wee clothes pins, but didn’t have time to shop for them, so just punched little holes instead. We sent it home with the new mom; she thought it would look nice on one of the nursery walls.IMG_1244


  1. It turned out really cute Karin! Just curious, what did you end up using instead of boning? Reversible is a great idea.

  2. Karin,
    I so wish I had known you could make those covers! I just bought one and it is not even close to as nice as yours! You can totally sell these! It looks awesome!

  3. This is a great idea! Did you maybe use a stip of plastic from a milk jug to stiffen it?

  4. Ooh, maybe we should have a game of "guess that stiffener"! No, just kidding. I used a 1"-wide strip of felt, folded over double so it was just 1/2" wide and then held together--and further stiffened--with 3 rows of stitching down the length. (Cotton batting would work similarly to the felt, if not better...)

    But another friend of mine who just made a cover using boning talked about how it "popped" out. This edge seemed to hold its shape well, but it definitely didn't "pop."

    Being the enginerd that I am, I think I'll have to run a little test: make two more, one with boning, one with felt (or batting) and then see how the felt stacks up.

    Hanne, would you like one of my "test subjects" when the comparion is complete? I certainly am not going to use it! : )

  5. Yay!! I think I figured out how to, I really LOVE this nursing cover..along with everything else that you make/create. I really need lessons in all of it!!

  6. you did a great job on the shower!! love everything you did! :)



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