Thursday, February 26

Diaper Cake -- it’s not what you think…

Have you ever been to a baby shower where they passed around diapers that had melted candy bars in them? And it was up to you to determine which candy bar was in which diaper? Well, I have. (And it’s pretty entertaining!)

Well, a couple years ago, I was looking for ideas for a baby shower cake. From a search on some Moms Forum, I saw some fun cakes in the shapes of stroller, rattles, and so on. I started reading about a person needing advice for their “diaper cake.” I thought that shape might be cute too but then the person starts asking how many diapers she needs and how to put it together and... I’m thinking, What?!? It’s one thing to melt some candy bars in some diapers. But to actually serve CAKE in them. Gross!!!!

Turns out she was talking about a shower centerpiece. In the shape of a tiered cake. Made of diapers. Ooooh! Here’s the one I made for a baby shower I’m co-hosting Saturday… Not sure what, if anything, I’ll put as the “cake topper.”

diaper cake

Oh, and that cake I needed ideas for? I ended up playing off the napkin design. And it’s still one of my all-time favorites – i hardly ever make up that many colors! (For the tiny clothes pegs, I cut some bamboo skewers into little pieces and stuck them into the frosting.)

BabyShower cake


  1. Your cake is stunning! The diaper cake turned out great, too - maybe a little stuffie as a cake topper? I agree that it doesn't necessarily need a topper, though.

  2. I remember that cake for Bert - amazing!! That was before I knew you very well, and I remember thinking: "Who IS this lady? I don't have that much talent in my little fingernail!"

    Your diaper cake looks really neat. I've seen those before and always thought they were a great idea - cute, table topper and awesome baby gift all in one!

  3. is the cake from jolyne and her baby???(i don't know how to spell her name....) if it is you should put a duck on top =D

  4. Yup, Lizzy, it's for Jolynn. If I can find the ducky by tomorrow, then I'll put him up there! I have no idea what happened to him!

  5. =) that would be cute =) i was invited but i don't know if i an come... but that is one cute cake!
    i can't think of her baby's name but i know he has ducky clothes because hannah kallin gave him some =)

  6. Karin, "you done yerself proud!" (again!!) Next time you need something stiff for making the stand-up clothespegs, use uncooked spaghetti. That way it won't hurt anyone who inadvertently eats one. At least, it shouldn't. :-)

  7. Sorry you weren't able to come, Lizzy. It would have been fun to hang out with you!

    Omi, you've given me a great idea (again!!). Will keep uncooked spaghetti in mind for another time!

  8. i just relised it wan;t a real cake...

  9. i love the diaper cake idea!! yours looks great. and the real cake, love the clothes hanging. your amazing! :)

  10. I remember the diaper cake you made for my baby shower when I was pregnant with cute! You are so creative! Miss you!

  11. thanks Kerri! The diaper cakes are easy to do, once you figure out a few tricks. I'd say "I'll write a post about it" but since I have yet to post the purse tutorial, I better not promise any more tutes just yet. : )

    Kate! Hi! Yeah, I was thinking about you A LOT while I made this. I think yours was the first one I made. Miss you too!!



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