Monday, March 30

Spring Break

It’s spring break in our town this week, so I’ve decided to take a blogging break this week too – well, really an all-around computer break – while we focus on some other projects around here…

…including maybe making something like this (photo from here)…

tooth pillow group cropped

…for someone who as of today looks like this…


So, here’s to getting lots done this week – and having some fun while we’re at it. ‘Til next week then…


  1. hope you have a great week!! we are on spring break too. :)

    love the tooth pillow idea!

  2. Yes, The pillow is very cute. Hannah is our only "toothless wonder". I am not sure how she eats?? I'll order a "McCutcheon" tooth pillow! :)

    Enjoy your break with your kids. Byron isn't on break, yet. So, big bummer! Although, we are taking off in a few days for Arkansas! Yeah!

  3. Tell Heidi that Mrs. Daire says, "Wohoo!!!!!" She must be soooo excited!

  4. I love the tooth fairy pillows - very cute!

    (Hi Mrs. Daire!!!) :-)

  5. Dee, what's with your "Hi" comment to Mrs. Daire???? Didn't you see me? :)

  6. OK, I'm like two weeks late. In-laws here so some breathing space to get online while they entertain the kids! I hope you had a lovely break and that Heidi is enjoying her new "gap"! E's mesiodens (third adult incisor) is emerging in her gap so that has to be pulled by the oral surgeon next fortnight! Yikes. But back to those tooth pillows - so cute, really. I saw some in a craft book that were a bit like them, and they also had a little yellow felt crown on the tops - geddit- crown? He he, funny.

  7. A crown on the tooth. So cute! Am so impressed you know what a "mesiodens" is, LiEr. I can barely manage "incisor." Hope the pulling goes OK for E!



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