Friday, March 20

Al’s Quilt Update

Been working on the quilt in bits and pieces, but hit a snag.

Remember this photo from the end of this post?


While I had use of the open expanse in the basement of my parents’ place in December, I laid out all the squares in a pleasingly “random” fashion. Not too many oranges in one spot, or too many browns. Made sure same fabrics weren’t too close to each other. So, appearing random, but not really random. Then carefully put them in labeled, pinned-together stacks in the order they needed to be sewn on.

A while ago, little Lu got found my stacks. And started pulling out the pins keeping these stacks labeled and in order. I thought I’d caught her early enough to minimize the damage. I thought I’d figured out which stack was which. And which lonely squares went in which stack.

And the next two rows I sewed on worked out just fine.

But when getting ready to quilt the latest row this week, I found this:


A medium square of monkeys right next to a large square of the same? How did that happen? And farther down the row, the same thing, except with one of the tan fabrics. And a dark green medium squares right on top of another dark green large square – no contrast at all.

Little Lu, what did you do?!?

And now I’m out of time. (Heidi has no school today, so we’re heading on a merry little adventure very soon.) So will have to continue this tomorrow.

[Insert melodramatic announcer man’s voice here].
What happened next? 
What did Karin do?
And where did the monkeys go?
Tune in next time…

Maybe there will be a real “update” then…   : )


  1. oh my, i'm the exact same way. i fiddle, and fiddle around until i get the right "random" look. i think i would be the same and feel the panic if it got mixed up. though, i'm sure no one else will notice. but i know how i am and if it were mine, it would bug me till i fixed it. :)

    can't wait to see what you do!! oh, the suspense!! :)

  2. Oh jee, wat nu!

    That's what we would say in Dutch. I'm really curious how you are going to solve this "problem".

    By the way, yes I read and write English so I understand your comments on my blog :-)

    And the purple wool is part of a magicwool swap. You wind wool and put all sort of presents in it. You also include a pattern and the person who receives it has to knit it and finds al the presents while she makes the project.

  3. So - you're blaming this one on poor little Lu??? HMMMMM.....

  4. Hey, just take it apart! You are a magic worker. Karin can do anything, right? :) Maybe, your brother won't notice. I would but Mark wouldn't.

  5. Yeah, maybe my bro wouldn't notice. But then again, his degree is in design, so he does pick up on this kind of stuff. The real question is, would it bother him as much as it does us (Kerri, Jenny, me, others?)?

    Probably not.

    But it bothers ME. So it's getting "fixed."

    Wendy, the magicwool swap sounds so so fun!!! How cool to find little gifts as you go!!! Too bad I don't knit.

    P.S. And I'd like to know who started the "Karin can do anything" rumor. I keep hearing it here and there. I can't knit -- that's one! And I can't go to bed at a decent hour -- that's two. How many more you want? : )

  6. Oh...go fix your quilt and go to bed early! :) We can learn to knit together.

  7. Chill out dude, lmao. It's ok!!

    No I am joking, it would drive me mad too. Ugh reminds me off the time I finally sorted out all my photos, then woke up one morning to find them everywhere. Ohh Egg!

  8. LOL! Did she just say, "Oh Egg"? I must say that I have never heard that one before. :)

  9. Too funny. "Egg" is her nickname for her little boy. : )

  10. Emily just got into some of my sewing things and had to be extricated, too. Sharp things everywhere! Isn't if funny how the kids like our stuff so much? They must have good taste, I guess (clutching at straws here). Good thing Lucy didn't get mortally wounded by those daggers, er I mean, pins. All that said, I STILL can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. Neighboring monkeys or no, it still looks amazing!



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