Saturday, March 21

Al’s Quilt Update, Part Deux

Hey, thanks for humoring me in the comments yesterday/today that you were at the edge of your seats. But now the “solution” will be pretty anti-climactic.

I just spread the quilt out on the floor, laid out the medium and small squares in their Lucy-designated order on top of the large squares, then started shuffling them around into a more pleasing-to-Karin pattern.

Tried to think less “Aargh, I already did this once before” and more “Ooh, I love puzzles, and now I get to do one again.” (There’s that “attitude” thing again.)

So here are the squares left to sew on. 60 pairs of them. Now safely out of reach of almost-2-year-olds. AND firmly fastened together with large safety pins. Just in case.


Actually, the hardest part was finding a spot large enough to spread the quilt. See those brown strips? Those are the border strips!!! That’s going to be one big quilt.


Oh, was I supposed to show a picture of the quilt itself? Of it laying spread out with all the colorful squares? Or of the other side, in all it’s wrinkly-puffy-glory where I’ve already added the quilting lines?

Well, I could, but then what would I have to show when’s it actually done? (Deadline: early June when my mom flies out to visit Al, tho’ I hope we have it done long before then.)

P.S. Was going to say something about my “merry little adventure” from yesterday, but she did it much better.  And check out the cuties she made for me: Cottontail the Bunny, Flypaper the Frog (with an adorable little fly at the end of his extendable tongue!!!), Sting the Little Bee and Bandit the Raccoon! LiEr/Lorraine/Friend Extraordinaire, you rock!


  1. Oh cruel! Showing us just the BORDER! Still, am very impressed that you got that much empty, toy-less floor space, though. Yes, we all had a wonderful time yesterday - we must do this again soon. Might even be before Bandit reappears, wherever he is, sly creature.

  2. i'm sure it is going to look great!! although, i hope we get to see it before june. :)

  3. well, perhaps i will snap some pictures next time i work on it... : )



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