Wednesday, March 11


Hmm, I was all set to start spouting off about today. Between the nosebleeds (two) and the milk spills (two) and all the other “unpleasantries” (too many to count), this day has not been my favorite.

But then it occurred to me that I’m being a self-absorbed moron who, comparatively speaking, had a great day! So much of life is about attitude. Perspective. So I’m turning this day around…

Things That Made Me Happy
(based on various random pictures I took today)

Finally finishing up Sophie’s thank you cards with her. Trying to take dictation from a four year old (about anything, much less about something that happened a month ago) is ridiculously frustrating... or ridiculously funny, depending on your perspective. 


Five little softies--that were ordered over a month ago! I stuffed them last week, tagged them last night, and will bring them to their new owners tomorrow.


My youngest’s hairdo. Why did it take me all day before I thought to hide her gunk-filled shaggy mess in a cute little ponytail? (A reminder to “be part of the solution” instead of just living with the problem...)


My middle-est’s shenanigans. “Take a picture of me, Mommy! Take a picture of me!” Her refusing to eat almost any food placed in front of her: not funny. But her shoving half of Daddy’s Simpson chess set into her mouth for no apparent reason: very funny.


A quick portrait of my oldest that’s neither washed out from using the flash nor blurry from not using the flash; and shows her beautiful (un-photoshopped) blue eyes, and all her baby teeth, four of which are really really wiggly.


To finish, how can I not mention:

my darling husband who lovingly shoulders the burden of these kinds of days with me. Sadly, I did not aim the camera at him today.

But then remembered another photo (don’t even ask why I took this today) cropped to show what he brought home last night after his business dinner: No, that is not a rotisserie chicken in there; it is a piece of chocolate cake that is so ridiculously large the swanky restaurant he ate at sent in home in a container built for a chicken.


I ate some of the cake last night and hardly made a dent. I shall go eat more cake now. And surely, there will still be some left, in case tomorrow is as horrible wonderful as today!


  1. Karin, sorry you had somewhat of a horrible wonderful day. I was thinking the same thing today. I've been feeling so sorry for myself with being sick for so long, but then thought about the fact that I'm not fighting cancer, I'm not taking a child to Mayo every week, I'm not living in poverty--I'm so blessed. What beautiful lives (and families) we have! Praise God!

  2. What a fabulous take on perspective! I needed to hear this today (don't ask my kids about their morning). Hang in there, baby. And if you need anyone to help you polish off that chocolate cake...

  3. I know all about seeing the bad, yesterday I almost cried over some dishes that needed doing, what's was that all about?!

    Mmmm cake, I have just had some, with cream. It's not morning time in Scotlnd. Ok it is. It's 8:52.

    Next time try smearing some vegetables onto the simpson chess, lol.

    ps I HEART the little softies, WOW!!

  4. Aw! Your girls are beautiful! Between them, your enviable tallent and the cake... glad you realised it wasn't so bad after all!x

  5. First, chocolate cake is always wonderful. Especially in copious amounts. And even more especially when there's leftover to stretch out the enjoyment. It's funny about the rotisserie chicken container - my darling husband brought one home at supper time yesterday, too! Except his had the chicken inside it. I was still extremely joyous - any day that I don't have to cook is a Good Day. Am glad for your Turnaround Day! And that you have your wonderful family!

  6. you guys are the awesomest commentors ever. thanks so much for your support and hilarity. (rainbowmummy, you had me in stitches!)

  7. K, I must say it again, as so OFTEN, you are RIGHT: It has sooooooooo much to do with ATTITUDE!!!



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