Friday, March 13

A Lesson in Perseverance…

Guess what I did this morning… well, other than doing dishes and breaking up a few catfights and procrastinating on baking a birthday cake…


Made a few more cardboard boomerangs. The one I hurriedly made last night after being inspired by LiEr’s video (and prose) in this post did not fly at all. So this morning I was more careful. Used a pattern for one, used a ruler and all my rusty protractor skills for the other.

Still no graceful arcs to be found, but better than last night. (My boomerangs returned to me about as often as my one-year-old does when I say “Lucy, please come here.”) And every so often, they’d sort of kind of fly the way they’re supposed to.

Well, like so many other things in my life, I will just have to keep trying at this… I have hope that one day, the little flyer will indeed return to me.


  1. Yay! Don't give up! Aim high and throw hard. Really flick your wrist. Needs enough momentum to fly long enough to complete the circle. Cheering for you!

  2. Thanks, LiEr. But I think you're just going to have to SHOW me sometime. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong.

    And now my girls want in on the tossing/flicking fun too but are very confused about the concept of a "boomerang" since Mama's never come back. : )



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