Saturday, March 14

Pillowcases for March

My very structured, time-conscious oldest asked me the other day how long they’re going to keep using their Valentines pillowcases. As calendar-challenged as I am, it hadn’t really occur to me that it might be time to retire them for the year. She on the other hand realizes that March is already almost halfway over!

So while the older two were out with Daddy this afternoon (glory be – it was warm enough to go to the park!!!), I pulled out the St. Patrick’s Day fabric remnant I’d found last month and made some new pillowcases. I wonder what they’ll say (esp. Heidi) when they see them tonight…


IMG_1377 IMG_1380 IMG_1378

(When Sophie asked us today when St. Patrick’s Day is, Ken thought it might be Sunday, but I said “No, it’s Monday, the 17th.” Heidi pipes up, “No, Mom, it’s Tuesday.” Sure enough, I realized I was off by a day and asked Heidi how she’d known that. “I looked at my calendar.” When? “Last night.” Oh, I’m so glad she got Ken’s time genes, not mine!)


  1. The girls are going to love them! They are so cute! Wish I didn't have 1 million other projects going on now so I could do monthly pillowcases too. It is such a great idea and a very effective way to ensure my kids' pillowcases will get changed regularly (or at all). Will come back here in Dec and get ideas for 2010!

  2. very cute pillowcases! (I loved the "glory be!" comment - cracked me up!) :-) BTW, my friend, don't wish to be different - those of us who are calendar-conscious are big ol' sticks in the mud who would never think of anything so fun and creative as monthy pillow cases! Hopefully, with your oldest growing up in your constant company, she'll end up with a little of both! :-)

  3. My kids won't get pillow cases but maybe....I'll color the milk green for the day! :)

  4. LiEr--the project will be much less expensive if you collect fabric throughout the year. i.e. 4-leaf clover stuff is going to be very on sale in just a few more days...

    Dee--yeah, "big ol' stick in the mud" - that's EXACTLY what comes to mind when I think of you. (Not.)

    Jenny--you answered the question I meant to ask at the end, "What are the rest of you doing on St Paddy's Day -- 'crafty' or not?" Kudos to you for picking up on my brainwaves.

  5. Good point about post-season sales, K: thank you!

    What we are doing for St Patrick's Day: I asked Dave today what St Patrick's Day was about - I can claim cultural ignorance (for a while more anyway!) on account of my immigrant status - he had no idea. Well, I guess we won't be doing very much then. Maybe picking up our vacuum cleaner from the shop in the morning. Hugely exciting.

  6. Great idea with the pillowcase. I have been trying to think up ways to switch up decorating for different holidays. Thanks for the tip to buy fabric out of season, too. I tend to forget to do things like that. Thanks!

  7. these are magic! Lucky kids to have you I say! x

  8. these are magic! Lucky kids to have you I say! x

  9. what fun pillow cases for your girls!! i need to start making some for my kiddos!! they'd love it! :)



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