Monday, April 30

Birthday Gifts

Between my three girls, it seems like there’s a birthday party to attend every week right now. We’ve been buying some of the gifts but have made some too.

A pink purse for Miss A, who loves to dress up.

IMG_1382  IMG_1380

A bright purse, filled with markers and a small covered notebook, for Miss C down the street.


A purse for zebra-loving Miss L will be done by tomorrow.


And a larger bag for Miss E who loves big cats (leopards, cheetahs, etc.)


Miss E also likes cats and horses, so Heidi made a poster for her too. A collage out of construction paper and colored pencils. Talking about her process, I asked if she’d sketched the shapes out first. “Nah, I just cut it out.” That girl amazes me on a regular basis. The 3-D writing – with shadows – on the birthday card ain’t too shabby either!


And I made something for my sis-in-law’s birthday too, as well as buying something made by Mo, but I haven’t sent it yet. And her birthday was more than a month ago. What is wrong with me?!?


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with you. Unless I'm defective, too. I'm still owing people birthday gifts from one year ago. Unfortunately, birthdays being an annual thing, this means I am in the awkward position of wondering whether to do two gifts this year's birthday or "forget" last year's. Love the bags, and the photos of the girls modeling them! Also, is that your stash in the background? Why is it so neat and uniform-looking? Why doesn't it look disheveled and random? Grrr.

  2. That poster is amazing!!! Love the bags, too - maybe I can use your tutorial to make one quick for the party Emma has this Saturday...

  3. i just love these bags you make every time you post them! and yes, your daughter did a fantastic job! just like her mom! :) lisa



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