Friday, March 30

Sidelight Solution–Version 1


I wanted to cover the sidelights next to our front door with something other than gathered floor-to-ceiling sheers. If it was somehow blue (to coordinate with the blue door), even better.

Long story short, inspired in part by the amazing “stain glass window” on FilthWizardry, I decided to cover them with tissue paper. And on the same day I decided this, I discovered blue tissue paper in a box left by the previous owners. I love happy surprises like that!


It was SO easy – just watered-down school glue, painted onto the glass with a foam brush, then the randomly-cut tissue paper scraps placed on top, and painted over if the paper still seemed dry. Took part of an afternoon.

And I don’t think it’ll be hard to get off again – I’ll just have to spritz it with water and it’ll come right up. In fact, it did come loose at the bottom where there was condensation during the winter.


I’m already thinking about Version 2.

For one thing, I didn’t realize there were two different blues in stack of tissue paper; other people maybe don’t notice, but I see it every time I pass by. (Photos below show the sidelight I did first, then the sidelight I did next.) Do you see it too?


And for another, the triangles are too “fractured” for me right now. I’d like something smoother, calmer. I’m thinking nice thin horizontal stripes…

I just need to find some more blue tissue paper.


  1. Ok, I have the exact same sidelights and I saw that post on Filth Wizardry too. I have been so tempted to do this but because we are renting I was worried I wouldn't be able to get it off again. Hmmm, seeing as yours lifted with the condensation maybe I will give it a try! They are driving me nuts those windows.

  2. those look amazing! (filth wizardry always has such great ideas!) i actually don't mind the different shades of blue and i actually prefer the "fractured" look than a more regular look. but then again, that's me. :) lisa



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