Monday, October 10

New Door, Blue Door

ByeBye Sweet Home

I don’t know how some bloggers do it – pack up and move to a new home without skipping a blogging beat. Not me. Managed to put up 5 posts during the month we found out we were moving (May), 3 posts during the month we put our old house on the market and bought our new one (June), and NO posts during the months we cleaned and caulked and trimmed and tossed and unpacked and updated and and and (July, August, and September). Now it’s already October!

But I’ve missed this place. And Heidi—madebyk’s biggest fan and most avid reader!— has too. And I’ve got lots to share, stuff from before the move, and during, and after. High time to jump back in.

Let’s start with my door. This was the new door. Or rather, the old, rust-colored door on my new-to-me house. Framed by the faded brown storm door that was hanging too crooked to actually latch. Yuck!

IMG_7704         Front of House-entry view

And while I thought we’d paint it white, to match the white framing on the new windows…



…it wanted to be blue. Perhaps to match the amazing blue skies we’ve had every day for the past two weeks. Oh, Indian Summer, please stay!

2011-10-02 16.30.54

So this is now my blue door. And I love it so!



  1. Love that blue door! What a beautiful shade of blue.

  2. SOOOOOOOOO glad to see a post from you. I have wondered how your new life was going. I love your blue door:-) Email me your new address!!! Email it to Jenny if that is easier.

  3. I love the blue door! So cheerful!

  4. I've missed your blog...glad you're back up and running!

  5. I love you're blue door! And am really happy that you're back online :-)

  6. What a sweet Welcome (Back) Committee you all are! Thanks for taking the time to let me know that Heidi is not my ONLY reader left. : )

  7. Welcome back to blogworld, cousin!

  8. Thanks, cuz. Hope you're settling well into your new digs too!



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