Monday, October 17

Rachael’s Soccer Cake

Has it been a while since I posted a cake? Here’s one that I made for one of our new neighbors recently, in exchange for a night of babysitting.


Rachael was so cute when she came over to ask – “maybe something to do with soccer? and I really like the color blue. want to come see my room? it’s all blue…”


Can you tell how old she was turning? Clue: look at the blue part of the soccer ball.


She plays goalie, so I added a little debossed goalie in the bottom corner.


And also added a fun play on words along the front side: “She’s a keeper!”


She loved the cake, but I think I got the better end of the deal. Not only did I have fun making the cake, but she is great with my kids! How lucky am I to have such super neighbors!


* * *

The “making of” post(s) will follow shortly, if you’d like to try this at home but aren’t sure how… (And to remind myself for any next times…)

* * *

P.S. Can you believe I gouged this cake with my finger too? Not nearly as bad as the last time, but still!


  1. your cakes are amazing. how did you learn to do them? :) lisa

  2. Short answer: From my mom. Perhaps I'll give the long answer in a blog post...



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