Thursday, October 13

My New Knitting “And More*” Group

How fun! I saw a blurb about a knitting group that meets weekly at a church right near my house. So I called the contact person listed.

Me: “I don’t knit (yet), can I bring my crochet instead?”

Her: “Sure!”

Me: “I’m still unpacking and can’t find my crochet (yet), can I bring some mending instead?”

Her: “Sure!”

So I packed up our holey shirts and buttonless pants and, while looking for thread, managed to find my roomy red bag of crochet WIPs too.


What a friendly group of women! I was good and did the mending first. But then I dug into the bag to see what was in there.

Woo hoo, the girls’ scarves! To match their hats I finished last year. Pink one is long enough now – next week I’ll add the white and grey border.


The purple one just had loose ends to weave in. It is DONE now!


By the way, I found the pattern—minus the border—on Ravelry (Check Stitch Scarf), but it’s also available here. I loved the little slits so the scarf doesn’t have to be so long yet will still fit snugly around a little one’s neck.

And the aqua one is at the same stage as the pink one now, just needs a border so it matches the hats better.


I hope we have a few more weeks of “Knitting” meetings before the weather really gets cold so I have time to finish them up for my girls.

*The veteran group members did mention it’s maybe time to change the name of the group – I was not the only non-knitter there. So for now, it’s the “Knitting and More” group…  : )


  1. I love the slits in the scarves! Thanks for the link to the pattern!

  2. Just a note, MaryAnne, if you try this: I think I moved the location of the slits (but now I don't remember which direction, closer to the middle or closer to the end). Also, when you get to the slits, there's a way to avoid one of the yarn cuts and restarts (I hate that part) -- I should probably put these notes up on Ravelry instead of here!

  3. Your new group sounds a bit like our group. We have knitters, crocheters, there was a spinner or two, and embroiderers and yes, even some had sewers.
    We welcome everyone of 'em. The more the merrier.

  4. Sounds really nice, Gerry! I do especially love watching spinners work.



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