Thursday, October 20

Crocheting with Company

It’s so nice to have out-of-town friends visit – I get to hang out with my friend while her four girls play with my three.

Talking late into the night with someone who knows you so well, that is sweet goodness.

The fact that this someone brought her crochet project along and you can hook together as you talk late into the night, that’s just goodness piled on top of goodness.

She’s making a lap blanket for her mama…


I’m making a hat for me probably, thought it’s attempt number two, so we’ll see…


Like how our clothes match our projects? Ha ha.


  1. Oh, I love friends like that. Your friend told me that she had a great time with you too. I am going to see her tomorrow. :)

    Oh, and watching your fingers crochet...makes me jealous. Once I complete my kitchen projects...I am getting me some hooks...and yarn...and a good cup of coffee. Next year...I'll be trying to make my own hat! :) Thanks for inspiring me to learn more, K & M!

  2. Hope you two had fun!

    One question: are your kitchen projects ever done?!? : )

    No, seriously, you should learn to crochet! Just keep in mind, I think the first row is the hardest part. In fact, I read a good-sounding suggestion when learning: have someone else start the first few rows for you. Then you can concentrate on learning the stitch(es), holding your yarn, keeping your tension even, poking your hook in the right place, etc. Once you're comfortable with that, THEN go back and chain something and hook that first row...

  3. oh, that sounds so nice! i wish i had friends to knit along with. (i don't know how to crochet yet, but i hope to learn one of these eons) it must be nice to just relax, chat and learn from each other. :) lisa

  4. Ooh, I wish that for you too, Lisa!!! If I'm ever in Italy again, I'll look you up. ; ) (And teach you to crochet!)



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