Monday, October 24

Costume Conundrums…

There are only 6 days to Halloween.

First idea (developed way back in July!):


Heidi = monarch caterpillar. Sophie = monarch chrysalis. Lucy = monarch butterfly. Daddy = milkweed plant. Mommy = monarch migration destinations (sandwich board with Minnesota on one side and Mexico on the other). They were very excited by the whole idea. But after a month of dreading all the work that would be involved to make these (plus, Sophie might look like nothing but a green blob at her school party without her sisters there), I convinced them to go back to the drawing board.

Which they did, literally.

Second ideas (developed in September):

Heidi = superhero, Sophie = princess, Lucy = asian princess


…And then I realized why I usually end up making Halloween costumes 2-3 days before (or 2-3 hours). Because they keep changing their minds!

Most recent ideas:

Heidi = Heidi (as in the little girl in the Swiss story) – she’ll wear her dirndl. No work required, other than perhaps putting her hair into braided buns.

Sophie = Kaylee, the neighbor’s golden retriever. (She is not just any dog, she is Kaylee!) She’d like ears, a mask and a tail – easy enough.

Lucy = purple fairy, because she was wearing a purple shirt today, and found the little purple wings in the dress up box, and the purple tutu. Again, no work required.

Aah, but there are only still 6 days to Halloween. Plenty of time for them to change their minds again…


  1. Obviously I'm supposed to be sewing, not surfing, but I wanted to come here and give you a virtual hug and say, "Ah! Yes! I commiserate! These fickle daughters our ours!" I am glad to say that at the very least, Kate has given up her idea of being a grape. There is still time, Karin! In six days you can make that entire Monarch family! Still! Meaning that, by comparison, Heidi, purple fairy and Kaylee will be a cinch! You can probably finish all those between getting supper on the table and cleaning that same supper up!

  2. Thanks for your hug and your belief in me. However, one hiccup in your plans for me include me actually getting supper on the table. Yesterday we had pizza take-out. I'm hoping there's something in the freezer for tonight...



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