Thursday, October 27

A Messy-Studio Epiphany

Here I’ve been thinking that I haven’t been making anything (‘cept for the skirt) because the studio is still so un-unpacked and disorganized. (Well, that and just a general lack of extra time as I still work on settling into my new groove here.)


But I got it backwards! Now, I’m thinking the studio is still so un-unpacked and disorganized because I haven’t been making anything!

What caused that shift in perspective? A birthday party invitation for my girls and the resulting gift idea for the little lover of rainbows.


I’m making something again (with help from the girls).


And it’s fun – the soul-energizing kind!

And, as I need stuff –

  • certain fabrics that I KNOW are SOMEWHERE
  • various colors of threads (where IS that box full?)
  • fray-check (that box of notions was JUST here!)
  • fusible Web (could I have put it where it belongs? Oh joy, I did!)
  • Jewel-It glue (leftover from making birthday crowns last year – sweet, it’s in the box with the paints that I’ll need too!)

– I unpack another box. Unearth another container. Uncover more fabric. And unleash more joy!


There may be hope for our studio yet!

Here’s to hoping the gift gets done in time too. The party is Saturday!

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