Saturday, March 20

Snaps and Hats

Pocket now stays closed with the addition of a snap on the inside.


Pounded the first part of the snap into place, no problem, over on the hard wooden ledge that runs the length of my wall. But, in another late night lapse of judgment, I decided to pound the second piece of the snap into place right there at my sewing desk…


…my new sewing desk from IKEA, which is inexpensive compared to other desks because it’s essentially hollow. Oops.


So now that I’ve got my pocket opening dilemma figured out, it’s time to start brainstorming how to cover up the rough hole in my desk that I’m afraid is going to start flaking off bits of bits of laminate as I try to get work done.

In happier news, I got the girls’ hats done*. It might be the first official day of Spring today, but we still have plenty of cold days ahead of us before Spring is really here!  (*not really “done” since I intended to add Hello Kitty appliqués, but at least they’re “done enough” to be wearable)


And in even happier news, after trying on their hats, they

  1. kept them on (I wasn’t sure Lucy would),
  2. sat peacefully together on the couch, reading  (or “reading” in Lucy and Sophie’s case) and pointing things out to each other and just plain being loving to one another for way longer than usual.


IMG_4965  IMG_4971 IMG_4983

P.S. Earlier this week, basked in the sunshine on the deck with some friends and had ample time to test out various grey border techniques. In the end, decided to go for one that made the edges flare out ever so slightly. (Original pattern for hat found here on Ravelry.)


  1. lovely hats :)I would like one, too! I prefer the purple one :)
    Viele Grüße Jutta

  2. Karin,

    I am soooo sorry that this bag has been such a pain. Oh my, your table will never be the same. :( Do you hate me?

    BTW: I plan on being in the cafe on Wednesday. We were gone most of this weekend.

  3. Hi Jutta!! Danke. Ich glaube ich werde Garn uebrig haben. Aber versprechen tue ich nichts! (Ich arbeite schon seit letzten Sommer an dieser Blauen Tasche!) ...Aber ich habe schon im Kopf wie es ausschauen koennte -- lila mit einem grauen Streifen, und dann auch einen grauen Rand... Was denkst du?

    Jenny, rest assured, that table of mine was just waiting for its first ding! If it hadn't been with this bag, it would have been my next project. It's what ya call "user error." : )

  4. Those pictures of your girls are so sweet, and the hats look great! Brilliant idea with the snap to keep the pocket closed, too.

  5. Hi! I found you through google and it took me to your post on the 3 strand headband, I just made one and I love it! I love those adorable hats you made your girls! Consider me a follower! Sonja

  6. Thanks, MaryAnne!!

    Welcome, Sonja! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!



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