Wednesday, March 3

Pillow Progress, Project Pictures, and a Poll

Pillow progress is definitely being made. One almost done (pins holding pillow fluff in are not visible), two to go.


Which means it’s the perfect time to start yet another project, right?


I briefly considered taking a photo of each of my other partially finished projects currently laying around in my corner of the family room, but figured I’d run out of room on the memory card.

Just kidding! I don’t have that many.

But how about just a few more photos and a poll?

I need to pick a lining fabric for thing that’s not a blue dress anymore. The floral is a lightweight corduroy (love!) that has the same orange and olive green as in the embroidered section on the outside, but it’s definitely a “bold” choice. The other is a cotton I just picked up recently, which really reminded me of Jenny, the eventual recipient of the piece, with its paisley and pink and brown, but its only coordinating color is the aqua. What to do, what to do…  Anyone care to let their opinions be heard?

IMG_4620 IMG_4619IMG_4617 IMG_4618

Jenny, I hope you don’t hate them both. : )


  1. Your pillow looks great!

    As for your poll, at first I preferred the floral, but then after looking at it for a while I decided I like the paisley better. Although it depends what you're making with it. Not a very helpful opinion, I'm afraid!

  2. I really really like the second one, not as bold.

  3. I would do the paisley--it is softer next to the white part.

  4. I love corduroy, but it picks up everything, lint, fuzz, cat hair, etc. For that reason only, I say the paisley. I really prefer the floral!

    How helpful was THAT? lol

  5. Oh, and the pillow looks outstanding!

  6. Ooh, I love hearing all your takes. Fantastic!

    And two more pillows coming soon, once I'm done with something for tomorrow...

  7. Well, I might not be a typical woman. :) I like the bold ones! Also, The idea of more durable is also nice as I seem to have plenty of children's junk to carry around...along with my trusty laptop. I also don't have pets and NEVER will. So, that will not be an issue for me. There's my TWO (maybe more like FIVE) cents. You'll do great! This year, I am picking out my own presents from Mexico. Wait, I am picking EVERYONE'S gifts! Mark can hold the bags. :)

  8. I like the "bold" choice. Which is saying a lot, because I'm a sucker for paisley.

  9. Well, since Jenny's vote gets bonus points (since I'm making it for HER), the floral it is!

    Alice/futuregirl - me too. Just bought two identical dresses with a paisly print - one in purple/red with black trim, one in blue/greens with brown trim - and am trying to decide between the two. And am thinking I may end up keeping BOTH! Is that crazy?



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