Tuesday, March 30

Ribbon Bunny Costume

Sophie’s been busy again. This time, she pulled some ribbons from our gift wrap baggie, used all her might to put some staples here and there, and ended up with a minimalist Bunny costume, just in time for Easter.


She did come to me near the end, for help with attaching the pink parts of the ears. But the rest was all her. Wonder what happened to make Bunny so mad… : )



  1. Hahaha, she looks almost scary with that angry frown :-)

    I love it when little ones get creative on their own. I keep getting surprised with the wonders they can dream up.

  2. Yeah, Karin, that's what we call "the Sophie Scowl" around here. : ) I had some other photos of her and the ears, each showing a different emotion, but "the Sophie Scowl" makes me laugh. She's been doing it since she was a wee little one!!!

    MaryAnne, me too, me too. I really should teach her to sew -- staples will only get her so far... : )

  3. Love Sophie's bunny ears... too cute! Karin, wanted you to know I had my Girls' Craft Day this past Sunday (you were my inspiration for it!) Check out my blog to see pics. :)

  4. Sandy, that's so great! Looks like it was a fun time!!



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