Thursday, April 1

My Project Plan

I know I am not alone in starting way too many projects without finishing current ones, and I thought it’s “just who I am.”

But recently I’ve been trying a new tactic, and am liking the results.

My New Project Plan: I won't start one 'til two are done!

After just two weeks of working this new system, I’m feeling less weighed down, more able to make creative decisions and move forward. I think that’s because it makes me stop and think about what’s really holding me up on a project instead of just steamrolling on to a different one.

Today, to get my current project list written down instead of endlessly swirling around in my brain, I made myself a tracking sheet, so I can see at a glance what I could work on next.


Now, off to go fill it in. Hmm, might need two…

If this might be helpful to you too, click the images below to download a letter- or A4-sized pdf:

Letter-Sized Project PlanA4-sized Project Plan

(The little speak-bubbles at the start of each row are there to be
colored  in when I’ve “used” that project as one of my “done” ones.)

Edited 4/15/2010: What was I thinking having a “Duration” column? Do I really want to know that some project took me 1 year and 5 months?!? Great idea, Chris, to change it to a “Hold Up” column, i.e. what’s keeping the project from being finished! I’ve made the change and uploaded new files.


  1. Oh, K,
    You are right on the mark with your great idea.
    But, can I really stick to this?
    Must I list every project that I have - can I list everything I've begun and left in mid-stream.
    I'm going to give this serious consideration.
    Will keep you updated,
    I've printed out ONE sheet. And have downloaded your pdf. M

  2. This is super cute! Alas, I fear filling it in would simply become yet another unfinished project...

  3. Gerry, must you... can you... You can do whatever you like! I'm making up the rules as I go along. e.g. I added "plant seeds" to the list but I've decided I don't need to finish two before I do that one -- I just need to do it all the way done once I start it. But it will count as a "done" project... See, my own rules.

    MaryAnne, I'm with ya. But you're the one who inspired me to write it down (like your annual/monthly goals!) rather than sorta kinda do it in my head. Now I just need to find some place to keep it other than on top of all the other papers on my counter! : )

  4. Mmmm - I like! I'll try it out and let ya know who wins: Organization or Sara :)

  5. Oooh I really need something like this. I seriously suffer from start-itis but sadly, never get to the finish-itis stage with so many things.. LOL

  6. Ahaha,this is absolutly for me too :o)
    I need this, organizer, yesssss!
    Hug, Anne:)

  7. Oh, it's so good to have more proof I'm not alone. Sara, Sandy, Anne, hope you have fun with it.

    (Sara, based on your profile pic, it looks like you have fun with ANYTHING! Brings a laugh to my face whenever I see it!)

  8. So I printed two of these out because the project list has gotten so out of control I don't even have time to blog. I think I'll change the Duration slot to the Hold Up slot so if a project has some glitch that prohibits it being completed, I can see why. Thanks for another great idea!

  9. So excited ... just printed it and fill it out (I fear that I will need more than one page though ...). Really curious whether it will work for me ... but kinda like the idea of having a list that I can just look at - instead of having a confused jumble of ideas in my head. Thanks for making it available in A4 size,too!!!!

  10. Chris, loved your "Hold Up" idea! In fact, changed the sheets to have that now instead of the (possibly depressing) "Duration" column. Thanks!

    MissMuffin, so is the plan working? Yeah, had to include A4 for all my non-US peeps out there -- misaligned margins drive me nuts and so I wouldn't want to inflict that on others... : )

  11. Yes!!! I think it is working! I LOVE IT! It makes crafting life alot easier for me! Every time I am thinking "Now, what could I do?" before jumpstarting at something new I look at my list and can instantly see what I need to finish. The only thing I need to get organized now is the "Projects I wanna do". Right now as soon as I see something that I really want to make I put it on the list ... but that way the list gets REALLY long ... I would rather just put things on there that are already started. (Or have a set date where I have to have them finished.) How do you organize the projects that you plan to make "someday"?
    (Btw, I put a link to your post on my blog

  12. Yay, I printed it, my boyfriend will be so proud! He hates it that I have so many projects laying around which I never seem to finish (although I finish things sometimes... really).

  13. Miss Muffin - was so glad to see your update. Sorry it's taken me 10 days to write back. I've been thinking about making a separate sheet for projects I'm interested in -- because currently, I have the same problem as you, list too long and includes things are that merely interesting but not currently urgent or compelling. Hmmm, haven't discovered my solution yet...

    Lavender - yay! Hope it helps you! And makes finishing a little more fun!



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