Monday, April 19

‘Three’ T-shirt for Lucy

How is it that Lucy is three?!?!?


I mean, she’s my baby!

…Perhaps it’s time for me to start looking at the pictures objectively and realize once and for all, that ain’t no baby no mo’!


Well, to commemorate the day, Lucy got a shirt from me. It would’ve been simpler to make the ‘3’ out of one whole fabric… but then it would have only ‘matched’ one thing. I wanted her to be able to wear it all year – with whatever bottoms she happened to grab*. Hence the colorful patchwork…    (*including an inside-out purple plaid skirt)


Plus I think I was itching to do something patchwork-y after designing a quilt for a friend (which may or may not ever actually get made) and also reading about Miss Muffin’s desire to sew a few quilts.

How old are you now, Lucy?


Clearly, we have some practicing to do! Oh wait, there! Do you see it?


Happy birthday, my sweet!

My New Project Plan: I won't start one 'til two are done!P.S. Project Plan Update:  I’m sticking with it and it’s really been moving me along!  Had just finished two projects so I could start one I’m itching to do, but then this one showed up and shoved the other new one out of the way! But I stuck with the plan, started AND FINISHED  this one, so that counts as one done. And then found another one (a quartet of curtains I told my mom-in-law at Christmas that I’d be happy to shorten for her) that I finished up this afternoon. So that counts as two done!!! And I’m back to being able to unguiltily start this next new one. Which I have. Which, thanks to this project, changed directions just a little and now involves a few dozen little scrappy squares…


  1. Ooooh, I love it! Great job.

    And I still haven't started your project plan... it's on my list of things to start - ha ha.

  2. Thanks, Sara. Now go and start the project plan! Or tweak it just a bit so it helps YOUR brain jump over YOUR hurdles!

  3. So cute. Just wanted you to know I took your advice about the edging for my baby blanket and it turned out great! Thanks so much for the help. You can see a post about it on my blog. :)

  4. So, you stitched together the fabrics then cut out the 3? How did you get the 3 so perfect? Did you back it before applique? I think I know a little Buttercup that needs a 2 shirt come August (provided I get one more thing on the Project Plan done). Very cute and a great use of scrap fabric.

  5. Making the 3 patchwork to match lot's of bottoms is ingenious! And a whole year of 3 t-shirt wearing. That is also the cutest idea I've seen in ages... I love it!
    P.S. it doesn't matter if she's 3 or 30 she'll always be your baby:)

  6. Sandy, so nice to hear. I'll go over and have a look-see!

    Chris, you got it right essentially, but there was also some fusible web involved. I'll post some details before August -- actually sooner than that! : ) And how fun to hear you're using the Project Plan!

    BusyB - thanks! And good to know I can keep calling her my baby. (I probably should stop treating her like one though!)

  7. What a cute shirt, I really love the patchwork! I'm glad your project plan is working out for you, too =)

  8. Happy birthday, Lucy!

    Maybe, I should make one that says "35" for Mark this summer on his birthday. :)

  9. Thanks, MaryAnne. I've never made a real patchwork out of just scraps; each time I see it, I keep thinking "Oh that's the fabric from _____ and that's the one I used for ____ and that's the one ____ gave me." Ooh, this would be really fun to do with old (stained) baby clothes. (I wouldn't be able to cut into still usable ones...)

    Jenny, I'll pass it on. Ha, I could just see Mark in one of these! So did you ever get a sewing machine?

  10. Oh my goodness!!! This is AMAZING!!! I totally love this! You have GOT to make a tutorial for this! I want one! For myself!!!! Okay, maybe I do not want to wear a shirt with my age on it ... but I have to make something like this! I so love this look! Is it hard to do? Do you add the scraps to a rectangle and then cut out the number? Or do you already somehow add it to make up a number? Seriously, this looks so fabulous!

  11. Miss Muffin, you're so cute! No, it's not that hard. A friend of mine who says she doesn't sew all that often was able to do one in an evening.

    I will do some sort of tutorial, but in the mean time, yes, I sewed all the squares (mine were 2" each) together to make a rectangle (mine was 4 x 5), then ironed fusible web to the back, traced the (backwards) paper number onto the paper backing of web, cut it out, ironed it to the shirt, and zigzagged around the edges.

  12. I want a shirt like that for myself :)



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