Wednesday, April 14

Chocolate Swirls

Been plugging away on the project list (when I wasn’t laid up in bed for three days with the flu last week). And been getting stuff done!

Including piping melted chocolate onto wax paper.


One of my projects is to help a friend figure out how to make about 100 cupcake toppers for her daughter’s graduation party in May. And that project dovetails wonderfully with another, which is to figure out what exactly I’m putting on my bro’s wedding cake in August.

Still have some details to work out, but am definitely liking the possibilities. Especially what the possibilities taste like!



  1. Wow, this looks gorgeous! I have tried this before but did not have much luck. Somehow the chocolate did not set ... and when I put it in the fridge it got all kinda withish looking. :-( Maybe I was too impatient ...
    Have you tried this with white chocolate as well? Just asking because in my experience it was even harder to get it to harden ...
    But these look so good! If I had more time I would instantly go to the kitchen and try again! :-) But it's not on my list ... ;-) (yet)

  2. So pretty! Do they peel off easily? Do you do anything other than melt chocolate and pipe?

  3. Miss Muffin, I used plain semi-sweet chocolate chips, no oil or anything else added. But I forgot to do my second part of the experiment, which was to put them in the freezer for a week or more and then see what they look like after they thaw again. I left them on the counter, and after a day or two, they had some spots that were still solid brown but other spots that were speckled whitish/light-brown. And my next experiment will be using colored white chocolate, either colored myself, or bought already colored. So we'll see.

    Oh, and I put mine in the freezer to help them harden because it was taking a LONG time at room temperature. Maybe the cold is what makes it have white speckles...

  4. Thanks, Chris. Mine peeled off pretty easily. After gingerly taking off the first few with the wax paper underneath them, I flipped over the wax paper so the chocolates were now underneath and I could just peel the paper back. Worked great except that I broke off one of the V swirls when I flipped the paper -- should have held it against a cookie sheet or something...

    And all I did was melt the chips in the microwave in short intervals, stirring in between, then scooped it into my parchment paper bag. I purposely didn't use a metal tip so I could nuke the whole bag again if need be, which I did do half way through.

  5. Oh my gosh! I LOVE them. You are amazing.

  6. I'll eat any kind of chocolate! :)

  7. thanks, Ebby!

    Jenny, how about chocolate with buttercream frosting on top? Or it that too much, even for you?!? : )

  8. Oh my. Those look sooooo yummy.

  9. Sara, they ARE! I think this will be my new favorite way to decorate cupcakes. And once you get into colored chocolate, you can make really really cute stuff, like Lorraine at ikatbag did here: Maisy Cupcake Toppers (My favorite part: they're EDIBLE not plastic!)



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