Thursday, April 15

Mmm, goat cheese…


A friend called before breakfast. I was already up and out of the house. Said my cousin to the friend, “She’s out milking a goat.”

Ha! Bet ya’ weren’t expecting that one! Neither was I. It certainly wasn’t on my project list. Wasn’t even on my mental horizon.

But when a friend says “The kids and I are going up to The Berryhill Farm to milk a goat, then going back home to make some goat cheese. Wanna come?” how can I not enthusiastically answer “Of course!”?

So, it’s true. I milked a goat. So did my kid. And my friend. And her kids.


And then we took our 1/2 gallon of fresh goat’s milk and made goat cheese, seasoned with garlic and dill. A yummy adventure.

Makes me wonder -- what other kooky ideas are out there, not yet on my radar screen?


  1. Oh wow!!!!!!!! You must make a list of things that are out there!

  2. What a cool activity! My parents kept a goat for milk and my three older siblings grew up drinking fresh goat milk. Apparently four children plus a goat was just too much, though, and I'm pretty sure I have yet to taste goat milk.

  3. Lusks, good idea. There's a lot to see and do...

    MaryAnne, you poor 4th child! Well, hope you get the chance someday to try it -- it's very good! I was surprised my younger two -- not big milk fans -- drank up everything in their glasses.

  4. Fresh goat cheese sounds really good! What a really fun adventure for you and your kids too! <3 Sonja

  5. OK, this looks really, really cool!! I'm gonna have to find something like this near us.

  6. Sara, have you heard of CSA farms? (Community Supported Agriculture) You might want to check if there are any in your area with animals too. In my experience, CSA farmers tend to enjoy having people visit.



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