Thursday, April 29

What’s on my…

What’s on my ironing board, waiting to be made into something?


What’s on my left wrist, putting a damper on making?


What’s on my windowsill, doing quite well, much to my surprise?


What’s on my kitchen counters, shocking friends & family who stop by?


What’s on my mind, wanting to show up more in my day?



  1. OK, what did you do to your wrist?

  2. What happend??
    Have a nice weekend :o)

  3. Not sure exactly what I did. It's been bothering me for months, but not really enough to do something about. (Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's REALLY weak and painful.) So this week, when I was at the doc's for something else, I asked him about this too. And he suggested I immobilize it for a while to let it heal properly for a change!

    Thanks, Ebby!

    Anne - this weekend is already starting out great: my oldest girl comes home after being at my parent's all week. Enjoy yours too!

  4. p.s. Jenny, Dr Dan is the man!!! So great! But saw him TWICE this week -- hope that doesn't happen again soon.

  5. Way to go K!! (FIRST WITH TONGUE IN CHEEK, THEN INCREASINGLY FOR REAL!) Your eldest daughter is eager to see you in person and I am also eager to be there. Now that the trees are watered and the business checked on, I can proceed to your place. We hope to be rolling in there between 5:30-6:00 p.m.

  6. Yes, I agree about Dr. Dan. Our whole family loves him. I knew - when he prayed in his office about my mom's cancer, that he was a "keeper". :) Praise the Lord for doctors like Dan!

  7. So now that we still aren't sure what you did to your wrist, I ask, If your wrist were suddenly better, what would those lovely squares become?

  8. Hi Chris -- i think they're going to be a notebook cover, but i cut way too many, so not sure yet what else they'll become...



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