Thursday, March 18

Blue Bag Lining and Bound Pocket

I think I’m almost done with the blue-dress-turned-bag.

For the lining, I used Alice’s great tutorial at to guide me. I’d used it once before to line the starling bag I crocheted, but it’s great for figuring out the size to line any (somewhat rectangular) bag.  She even provides a little one-page worksheet to help with all the math. And yet even with all that help, I still managed to cut my lining 1” too narrow! Ack!


That’s what I get for cutting late at night!

Used another great tutorial to make a bound pocket. But I forgot to take a photo of the finished pocket. I did do a trial run first – and took a photo of that. Nice fabric combination, eh? The part I cropped off the photo shows the “I’m so glad I tried this on scrap fabric first” end.


Actually, I’m not sure the pocket is “finished.” To keep the pocket closed, I was going to add a button and elasticized loop (even found a matching aqua one, formerly a girl’s hairband) but then thought a button might snag stuff going in and out of the bag.

Then I saw this photo at the end of another tutorial. I wonder if a flap would keep the pocket closed…


A zipper would perhaps have been the best choice, but would require a trip to the store. With small children in tow.

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  1. I love that post of LiEr's. And I avoid running errands with small children. Which means I go shopping a unfrequently as possible (often less frequently than is really advisable).

    Curious to see how you solve your pocket dilemma...



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