Monday, March 15

What I’ve Been Up To…

One week I post almost every day. The next, not at all. Not sure why that happens, since I’m not really more or less busy either week.

Spent most of tonight* watching TV with Ken on the couch and looking through flickr for some inspiration. Hmm, can you tell what my search term was?


Center Photo: Small World WIP Finished Sun! (detail on this project is AMAZING!); Small Photos – Row 1: ♥ embroidery bib | wip... *Bird Quilt * love birds ornament * Cheeky bird for shop; Row 2: modern retro birds * Bird on a branch; Row 3: bird applique * Bird on a branch; Row 4: Birds * ♥ the singer - part one * ♥ the singers | part four * Bird and mushroom mini quilt

This week, I’ve also made more progress on the blue dress. Then ripped it out and did it a totally different way. Then ripped that out and went back to a slightly modified first version. But I’m still having fun!


*“most of tonight” meaning that smallish space of time after: cleaning up dinner, putting kids to bed, prepping for tomorrow, etc.


  1. I love all the little birdies. They are adorable. What are you going to do with them?

    I am also so sorry that the "Hoochie Bag" is giving you troubles. Rest in knowing that I will never ask you to turn a dress into a bag again! :)

  2. I want to embroider a quote and put a bird or two on there as well. So am now trying to decide what the bird(s) will look like on mine...

    And it's not the bag that's giving me troubles. It's my own indecisiveness. And propensity to take something that could be simple and make it ridiculously complex. But like I said, I'm still having fun. And I'm finally done with the outside... well, I might still change the strap. Again. : )

  3. embroidered bird?

    Looking forward to the finished not-a-blue-dress-anymore =)

  4. Ding ding ding, maryanne. Though now I can't remember how I found the sun one, but so glad I did. it's an incredible project!!!

    Finished a bound pocket (like a large bound buttonhole) on the blue-dress bag lining last night. I love it! Photo coming soon...



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