Tuesday, March 2

Crocheted Headband Mania

The crocheted headbands are multiplying – in my drawer and recently now on my head. (The red one alone seemed too matchy-matchy with my shirt so I tied on the orange one too.)


I first saw the pattern for these over at creativeyarn. And they’re a fun, fast project, but in the comments of the pattern post, I noticed a number of people having troubles. So with Marta’s blessing, I wrote up a tutorial, including step-by-step photos and explanations for beginning crocheters; it’s posted here

For me, they’re a great mindless task for when I wake in the middle of the night and need twenty minutes* of distraction before trying to fall asleep again.

*Note: I can’t finish one in 20 minutes. I just give myself that long before going to bed again for 20 minutes and then repeating the cycle til I eventually fall asleep… Tried reading, checking email, catching up on blogs, etc. but that easily turns into an hour. : )


So, what color should I make next?!? : )


  1. Love those two colors together! I've been looking for another opportunity to try crochet again. My last project didn't turn out quite right and Ravelry has so many really cool projects that require a working understanding of crochet.

    I suggest purple to go with the green one you have.

  2. I'd make all the colours of the rainbow so you can combine all you want :-)

    I would. If I could crochet. Which I can't. I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for ages, but somehow I just don't get to it. But now I am tempted to try. I will. Someday. When I have time. Do you think that day ever comes? ;-)


  3. Chris, what a coincidence - I'm wearing purple today. Except it's more of a plum purple, and the only yarn I have is more of a Barney purple.

    Well, this headband is certainly a great project to start on. Forces you to practice getting even chain lengths! But I highly recommend making yourself some stitch markers to use as you're getting re-familiar with crochet. Seems like one of the biggest frustrations is rows that decrease when they're not supposed to. Stitch markers take care of that by marking where to put that elusive last stitch in each row...

    Karin, no, I've quite convinced that day never comes. But see, that's one of the beauties of crochet -- it's so portable and compact, you just tuck it somewhere and pull it out whenever you have a few moments. Not like sewing where you need a whole area! : )

  4. Ooh, and here's another pattern that I think might be fun for starting -- a cute hat with a scalloped edge.

    Could only find a link through Ravelry: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scattered-mama-hat

  5. Yeah! That's exactly the problem I had. I was trying to make a square and got a triangle. Stitch markers, you say... interesting.

    Thanks for the tip!



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