Wednesday, August 12

Crocheted Headband: Ravelry Pattern

Know what this jumble of red yarn is? In case you glossed over the title of this post, it’s a headband. Crocheted in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep. I figured I’d try counting stitches instead of sheep.


The three strands wrap over the hair; the thick long ends are the ties. Perhaps makes more sense when seen on a head. Please enjoy the following photo; taking a non-turtle-like picture of myself took about three times as long as making the actual headband!


Pattern is by Marta, a talented Italian who blogs at creativeyarn and shares many free patterns, including a flower and a bowtie that could be used to further adorn the headband. I found the patterns on Ravelry, a great “social networking site” made with crocheters and knitters in mind and they’ve been near the top of my project queue for a while now.


Next morning, when Sophie saw mine, she wanted one too. So I adapted the pattern to fit on her smaller head: the ties are still 30 stitches each, the chains are 55 instead of 80, and there are only two instead of three.


Woke again last night (this time not because of a crying child; for no discernable reason really) and still wasn’t asleep after 30 minutes. So got up for a spell, and here’s Headband #2. Or, #3, if you count Sophie’s. Modeled by daughter – who really doesn’t like headbands much – so I wouldn’t have to go the contortionist self-portrait route again.


Maybe it’s time I got the yarn for the cardigan at the top of my queue. Working on it for 20 minutes at a time whenever I’ve been awake for more than 20 minutes in the middle of the night, I could probably finish it while it’s still warm enough to wear it…


  1. I think you looked beautiful in it. I did notice it when you came over. BTW...thanks for the cupcakes. Hannah asked if she could have another one today. :)

    I looked at the extra flower or bow and laughed. The flower is HUGE. (NASTY) I like the one you did. That might be something that I can handle. I wish I started learning a project like that before my ETERNAL trip. I could make 100 headbands while I sit in the van. Bummer! I am going to grow out all the girl's hair. Maybe, I can have a few done by the time our hair grows out.

  2. Thanks, Jenny. And so glad you (well, your family) enjoyed the cupcakes!

    And yes, this trip would be PERFECT for crocheting. I could still teach you before you leave!!! If you have a half hour to spare between now and then: 5 minutes for me to show you how to chain and single crochet, 25 minutes for you to try it, let it sink in, with me nearby as back up when you get stuck/need to start a new row/etc...

    Otherwise when you're back works too. : )

  3. Adorable--I want one! For my birthday?

  4. Your birthday is still a LONG way off, K! I'm pretty sure I could hook an extra one out before then! : )

  5. Thank you so much for posting the picture of the headband. I noticed your post on the original site and I, now, finally understand what the headband is supposed to look like. Thanks for showing the band in such a way I can visualize making it.

  6. thanks for sharing these pictures. I wanted to make this headband and I have a hard time picturing out what it actually looked like.
    (I'm a little slow at imagining patterns that I read. Shhh...that's a secret...)

  7. Moira, your secret is safe with me! I have the same issue often -- have to sketch it out or just jump in a try it before i understand what it'll look like...



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