Sunday, August 30

Fondant Rose and Lily

A commenter recently asked if one could make roses and lilies with this marshmallow fondant. I hadn’t tried yet. So I pulled off a hunk of fondant from all the extra in the fridge, then kneaded it to a pliable state while I watched these fantastic how-to videos I found on youtube:

(The star of these videos, Mayen, has a bunch of others too and sounds like a really friendly gal who loves what she’s discovered and wants to pass it on! So if you think you could never do something like this, stop by her place and let her change your mind.)

Anyway, below you can see my attempts. Nice enough, especially considering I sped through it and had the “help” of a 4-year-old who’d watched the videos on my lap and was determined to be involved.


So, yes, Anonymous commenter, you can definitely make flowers by hand using the marshmallow fondant. And if you took a little more time (and didn’t have a preschool helper), you could probably make rose petals that flare out a little nicer and that don’t have tiny jags in their edges like mine do, if you’re concerned about those kind of details.

Note: I sprinkled lots of cornstarch on the counter and also onto the fondant whenever it started to get too sticky. One could also use powdered sugar.


  1. Very pretty, K! Onethinks you might also be awesome at playdoh.

  2. Those are so pretty. I was also wondering if these flower pictures were taking with them sitting on a clean kitchen counter. Seriously, is that YOUR counter. Amazing ; )

  3. Thanks, L. And that reminds me to go pull out the playdoh again (or make some more) for the girls... and me! : )

    Ha, Suz, you know me so well. Yes, indeed, the counters were beautifully cleared off! (Note: were.)

  4. I learned lots about cakes while on vacation. :) My new favorite show is on HDTV. I LOVE "Cake Boss"! Have you seen it? You could work for him. You're sooooo talented, Karin!

  5. I've only seen a few episodes (online), but yeah, they do some incredible stuff!!!



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