Monday, August 24

Mike & Adri’s Cupcake Tower

Got some photos from the wedding two weekends ago.  Here’s the towering labor of love for a couple in love:


(tower designed and made by bride’s grandpa, cupcakes
baked by bride’s mom, cake and cupcakes decorated
by four other friends of bride’s family and me)

A close up of the top of the cake:


The “quilted” lines were made using a tracing wheel, a technique seen on the Cake Boss episode that showed our inspiration cake. Here’s a blurry screenshot from the show… Make sense?


Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

But I’m glad it’s done.  : )


  1. Your cake and cupcakes look great, I like the tower they are on too.

  2. I heard that your brother talked to you about enlisting your obvious skills for his wedding! Could be a different experience considering the distance most likely involved!

  3. Go-juss, just go-juss--that's my accent on the word gorgeous! Ha! Ha!

  4. Thanks MaryAnne. I'm hoping to get the plans for the tower -- it's even collapsible for easier storage/transport!

    Yeah, Ma/Omi, I almost mentioned something about there being another one in my future maybe -- but that was before I'd event talked to him...

    Thanks, Kristi. Wonderful accent! : )

  5. Breathtaking! Absolutely. I am making cupcakes for E's birthday. They will turn out NOTHING like yours. They will look amateur, which they are. Especially since everything will be storebought (i.e. from a box). I will try to redeem them by using a fancy tower rack thing. I will have visions of your cupcakes (and that adorable cake on top of the tower!) forever.

  6. Pshaw, LiEr, your cupcakes were incredible. Deliciously fluffy frosting. And the Hello Kitty faces weren't store bought, were they?!? So so cute and scrumptious too! I was glad that one of my girls didn't finish hers - meant I had a reason to eat a second! : )



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