Saturday, August 1

Another Batch Done

Just finished mixing up another batch of marshmallow fondant.

One 2-pound bag of powdered sugar
+ one 1-pound bag of marshmallows
= one 3-pound fondant brick.


Which I’m hoping will be enough to cover 3-4 dozen cupcakes for the wedding in one week.

I have a few more batches to make…



  1. Great googly-moogly! Do you have to do ALL of those packages?

  2. Not quite ALL. 8 batches total, I'm guessing. The bride's mom brought over a few extra bags of each, in case my estimate was too low.

    p.s. "Great googly-moogly" -- had me giggling all day long... : )

  3. It's a trade then, because I found your "One down, a 'few' to go" to be very funny as well. That is one massive pile of sugary goodness.

  4. ha ha, sounds good! I finished up the last batch yesterday. So now I have 27 pounds of fondant in my fridge. Tomorrow, I find out if it's enough. (Or way too much!!!)

  5. I've been thinking about your fondant and wondering if you could add a few drops of mint (or other flavor) extract to the recipe. Would it affect the consistency of the fondant at all?

  6. Another great idea, Chris. This fondant recipe includes adding about 2 Tbsp of water at the beginning, and then more if needed, so it shouldn't be a problem at all to add a few drops of something.

  7. Hrm... once again intrigued. That would be something if the fondant not only made beautiful decorations but was extra tasty as well. What's the texture like? Fondant, if I'm thinking of the right stuff is something close to eating dried paper mache. Is the marshmallow fondant a pleasant texture to eat?

  8. Well, it's not as pleasant as biting into soft and fluffy buttercream frosting. It's definitely "chewier" than that.

    But it's also not as if you're biting into fruit leather or something like that.

    My kids love it, my husbands pulls it off (there should be a nice layer of buttercream underneath, some of which might stay on the cake even if the fondant is pulled off), and I eat it thinking it neither adds nor detracts from the cake-consuming experience... I'm considering adding some flavoring next time, like you mentioned too, esp. my husband maintains "It has no taste..."



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