Wednesday, August 5

Quick Hankie Hem Dress


Needing another break from cakes and fondant and frosting, and being inspired by the dress I just fixed up a bit, I sewed up a little dress for Sophie. (And thanks to a commenter on that post, I now know the pointy jagged edge at the bottom is called a “handkerchief hem.”)

Well, truthfully, I sewed a “skirt” and some little cap sleeves onto a ready-made tank top. Much faster that way. And less intimidating.

When I need another break, I’ll post the photos I took along the way (I was a project steps photo taker even before I started blogging, because it was such an easy fast way for me to take “notes” for when I wanted to make something again in the future…) and also some tips for figuring out measurements/dimensions, if you want to make something like this…

But be warned. If you do, your four-year-old may not want to take it off long enough to let mom wash it. Even though the front is covered with marker. And jelly. And dirt.

But that’s OK – I’ll just show you friends the back… And perhaps manage to pry it off her while she sleeps…

IMG_0987 IMG_0988


  1. This is just way too cute! I love the ease and the styling of it all. Now I need some sew time. Here November, come November, where are you November?

  2. Can I have some of your time, Karin??? I cannot find mine. :)

  3. First, let me say that K doesn't HAVE time--she must make it like she makes everything else that comes into her head! K, the dress is really fun! Knowing how S likes the purple polka-dot dress, I can really imagine that she loves this one!

  4. Ima, having seen the evidence of your sewing talents on your grandgirls, you'll be able to whip these up in no time!

    J, you can't have any of my time... because it's buried under the chaos in the living room. But I will freely and generously share my inability to sometimes prioritize wisely.

    Omi, that's an interesting idea -- "making" time. I mean, we say stuff like "I have to make time in my schedule for...", to the point where I hadn't even thought about the actual terminology. But it's so true -- while I can't conjure time out of nowhere, I can make intentional choices about how I spend my time instead of just letting it be grabbed by any old thing... In other words, "make" time... Hmmm...

  5. I am like, a week late, I know. But we talked about this dress on the phone already so I feel like I got a sneak preview. This is such a pretty dress! I love the little cap sleeves you added - they really tie the whole thing together. And this hanky hem (I just learnt this reading your post, too) is really so cute and clever. How to incorporate it into a dress for the girls? Quick, must brainstorm. Maybe persuade them not to be mermaids for Halloween and fairies instead.

  6. Lier, fairies would be so cute! (And if you don't want them to be mermaids, don't let them see the photos in this post by Heather Bailey!)



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