Friday, August 28

The Wedding Budgeter

or, I Love Spreadsheets Too Much

imageMy bro (the one with the quilt) got engaged last weekend. Yay, Al and Mary!!!

In honor of the news, I dug through my old files and found a spreadsheet that I created last decade, based on the budgeter I’d found at when I was planning my own wedding. Loved theknot’s planning tools but this was back in the day of dial-up and I didn’t want to have to log on every time I wanted to update our budget. So I made my own. (See subtitle above.)

If you know someone who might like to use it, it’s available for download here.


And wow, supposedly the average cost for U.S. weddings these days is $20,000 more than the total shown in the photo. Wow. My sister-in-law was such a great example to me when she and my older brother married; when faced with decisions, when things weren’t done right, or done at all, when stuff went wrong, she just kept saying, “I don’t care; I just want to be married.” And she meant it!

And recently I came across a classy-looking affair done with a $4000 budget, the wedding (photos and description) of the two creative souls behind! Sweet!

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