Wednesday, July 29

Curtains… and Decluttering Loot

My mom  is here for a visit this week. (Sister-in-law and nephews and niece too!) Reminded me that I meant to post photos of the curtains I made for my parents’ living room.


Well, since they don’t actually close over the windows, perhaps they’re not technically “curtains.” So, photos of “window treatments” then.


Most of the fabric was unearthed during our Whole-House Closet Reorganization; I just bought a bit of blue to tie it in with the blue wall.  We found some old curtain tape too, so that made the gathering of the panels super easy!

And as a thank you, she sent me home with lots of other goodies we unearthed: lace and other scraps from my grandmother, eyelets and an eyelet pliers (so I don’t have to use a hammer while making my labels), a bunch of other stuff, and these big flat baskets, which now reside here on my used-to-be-SO-empty wall.


(Note of confusion: my amaryllis bloomed once, beautifully, this winter. Then I read that one could make it bloom again by cutting everything off and continuing to water. Sure enough, a shoot emerged. And another. But they just keep growing longer and longer. And no new blooming shoot in sight. Hmm, I think I should probably cut it off and put the thing to rest til winter again…)

P.S. Just finished chatting with a friend who told me she shrunk her curtains and needs to make new ones. Perhaps will post a little tutorial soon… when the house isn’t so busy and full of people.


  1. Fabulous - both that the curtains/window treatments are of a lovely color and that both sides are the same length. That's skill on so many levels. It's hard to work with such vast amounts of fabric, but then you're amazing with giant quilts, so this was probably easy for you!

    You've seen my curtains, right? Everyone loves them because they're floral (and have pink bits). Floral = print. Print = not first choice. Pink floral = double not first choice. But they came with the house, they are exceptionally well made and they give us privacy, so I will keep them. Even though when we bought this house I told myself (and every unfortunate soul within earshot) that they would be the first thing I'd change. Those and the pink bathrooms. Four years later, nothing has changed. We need a makeover! OK, thank you for letting me vent.

  2. Thanks, MaryAnne. I've been wondering what they're actually meant for -- but have held myself back from Googling it. Too much to do right now to be distracted by frivolous research. : )

    LiEr, yeah, I hope my parents' guests don't look too close at the hems - not sure how even they really are. : ) So funny, about the bathroom and especially the curtains!!!



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