Tuesday, July 7

Back Corner Garden Re-do

My inside project, which I’m so excited about, is under wraps ‘cause it’s a gift for someone. So instead, here’s an outside project, which I’m also quite excited about, that we worked on before leaving town last week.


I’d already divided my hostas at the start of the season, but they were so full, I was able to divide them again. Oh how I love hostas! So hard to kill.

It’s not totally done – I still want to rearrange the perennials under the window, and also put in some sort of edging – but it’s so much nicer than it was!


And now the girls don’t have to pick their way over the rocks to get to the grass (and trampoline, which is moved now too). Last month, I picked up a bunch of free limestone pieces from a generous member of my local Freecycle group; now we have a nice path from the patio to the grass, and also from the grass to the “secret passage area” between the house and the shed.

IMG_0506 IMG_0518

Someday, I’d love to put a huge tank in that gravel area above, with a spigot hanging over the little retaining wall. I’d funnel all the rainwater from the roof into it and have loads of water for tending the lawn and gardens. Now just need to find a big tank. That fits that space and my budget.

Oh, and check out what we found when we were grabbing some limestones from our huge pile. The girls weren’t home so I had to snap a photo for them.

IMG_4465 Idn’t he cute?!?


  1. Off to the park now but wanted to squeeze in a quick comment. I love the stuff you get from freecycle! I must check that out sometime (meaning, in the next 10 years). Yes, the little toad is cute and I bet your girls are going to wish they'd been there to ooh and aah in person. I love reading about your outdoor garden projects because I am hopeless and generally uninterested in our own yard but I like seeing other people's yards get makeovers. Vicarious experience, I think! Argh! Now I can't wait to see what the indoor project is!

  2. It looks GREAT, K! Where are the pictures of the SIDE project?!

  3. Ha ha, LiEr, I'm not uninterested but am just leaving the realm of hopeless into "has a fighting chance of not killing everything." BTW, done with indoor project, but now it needs to reach its recipient before I post about it... (insert evil laugh here)

    Thanks, Ma. Side photos coming soon; waiting for a non-rainy day to take a semi-"after" picture.

  4. Yucky...hate toads! Gross! My sister used to kiss every toad that she saw.

    The flowers look GREAT! Thanks for all the Hostas that you gave away. They are doing really well.

  5. Jenny, I meant to peek at them when I was over the other night, but then forgot. Glad to hear it worked out.



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