Thursday, July 9

Garden Re-do, Part 2: Side Yard Transformation

Now you see it, now you don’t. I’m talking about the lawn on the north side of our house. And, hopefully, the mulch and the newspaper underneath do their job and you don’t see it a month from now either!


Below is a view from the deck. I thought the whole area was shaded, being the north side of the house, but in the weeks leading up to the project, I took photos at various times of day and noticed that the shade never covered more than half the area. So I can plant some sun-lovers eventually too!


The stepping stones seen above right are more free ones from Freecycle. Our stack is almost gone now. But now the neighbors have rearranged their rocks (you can see more of their landscaping in the photo below, my view when I’m washing dishes) and they have a huge stack of extras that they’d love to share with us. I’d like to put some of them in as an edging on our side, to continue the line started on their side.


I’ve been thinking about doing this project for a couple years already – we never “use” this area of lawn so why keep it. I’d rather have plants. So when another neighbor mentioned he had to divide his hostas and offered me some, I figured it was time to start. Below is what he meant by “some.” Wow.


I gave a portion of them to another friend. And after staying out past dark planting the last of the two dozen clumps I’d divided out of that mound, I wished I’d given away more! And these were no small, measly clumps. Some of them you can’t even tell that they were divided.


You know, I vowed that this year I would finally make an effort to get to know my neighbors better. I didn’t think that decision would result in this kind of goodness. (Another neighbor and I have been borrowing ingredients back and forth. Love the interdependence that’s forming.)

Oh, and in looking for photos for this post, I found the last photo taken with my old camera. It’s quite ironic. Or perhaps foreshadowing is a better word? But not tonight. This post is already too long. Tonight bed. Tomorrow pack and leave Ken alone to batch for a week while older two girls are at Grandma Camp and youngest and me are at Help My Mom Clean Out Her House Camp. So, not sure when I’ll post next…


  1. I also took pictures of the hostas in my wagon. :) Thanks for sharing! I also planted them in the dark on that Tuesday night. Mark thought that I was crazy. It really doesn't matter...just as long as HE doesn't have to touch the plnats. :) Goodness, it wouldn't be summer if I didn't ALWAYS have dirt under my nails.

  2. wow. that is a lot of grass you dug out. dan sister in st. paul as NO grass in their yard. pure gardeners! we are landscaping around here too. :)



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