Monday, July 20

Nursing Cover, the 2nd


Yay, I’m home again! Spent the afternoon today in the sun with some friends, one of whom is due this week.

And since I stash and hoard and hang on to stuff, I was able to make her a nursing cover before I left the house. But it did make me 30 minutes late… Oops.

Like the one I made last February, it’s reversible…

IMG_0773(these photos show the cover folded in half)… IMG_0772

…and like before, instead of boning I just used a triple layer of felt (plus some stiff interfacing for good measure, since I had some left over from the tote bag handles).

Note: When asked recently, the mom who received the cover back in February assured me that her stiff portion is still working great. So I should really stop worrying about how it holds up after numerous wearings, washings, etc and just take her word for it.

Anyway, there are already SO many nursing cover tutorials out there so I won’t add yet another to the mix! But as a reminder to myself for “next time,” here are some quick notes:

  • finished size range: 26”x38” - 28”x40”
  • “boning”: 16” long
  • straps affixed right next to boning (a.k.a about 10” from sides)
  • cut strap fabric 4-1/4” x (36-38)”; sew tube (with tapered end), turn right-side-out and topstitch, cut 10” off the open end

If you want to sew a cover like this but need a little more to go by, check out this tutorial by the creative force behind Make It and Love It; it’s for a reversible cover with some fun contrasting stripes and stiffened with boning.

Hmm, wish I had one more photo to finish… like one of my friend modeling it, in all her “I have a basketball tucked under my shirt” cuteness! Can’t wait to meet the babe, SB!


  1. I didn't nurse very all. So, I cannot share in the joy of the nursing cover BUT...I think it looks like a way-too-cute apron! :) Great job, Karin! (like always!)

  2. Did you make this for Sara B? She's so funny. She makes me late every time I'm at her house too! It's like her house is a trap!

  3. Great idea, Jenny -- that top photo totally looks like an apron front. But now how does that work (for folks like you, Dee, Kristi, etc) -- does the apron need to match the kitchen? your outfit? anything? : )

    Yup, Jen, it's for Sara. And in her defense, I wasn't late leaving, I was late arriving... because I was home finishing up the cover! So totally my fault in this case!

  4. how cute!! love the fabrics you chose!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Thank you soooo, if she/he would ever decide to come into this world I could model it with the "real thing" under :)

  6. Thanks Kerri - the brown print is one of my all-time favorites right now.

    Yay, so glad you like it, Sara! Oh hey, tomorrow is Wednesday... and you're working with "magic fingers" lady, right?

  7. Very cool! I really like how it is reversible. And I went and looked at Ashley's tutorial and am excited that it is possible to make this thingy reversible and with boning. Must go scour the notions aisle of JoAnn for the less-stiff boning she recommends. I love the blue and green you picked, K, for the two sides. And yes, also the brown, anti-print bigot that I am. It is pretty and it makes the whole ensemble so mod!

    Am going to send out 4 nursing covers myself this week. None reversible, pity. Am declaring a moratorium on nursing cover-making for myself, or they'll end up going the same way as the wretchedly overnumerous bibs.

  8. LiEr, what?!? You don't think you could give away 101 nursing covers?!? : )

    And yeah, when I saw that someone had used boning AND made it reversible, I thought I might have to look into that too. The stiffener in this most recent one was really thick...



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