Sunday, July 5

Started Starling Handbag #2…

Just came back from a weekend spent with family and friends. Between eating and playing cards, tubing and building sand castles*, I also found some time to start crocheting my second Starling Handbag. (Still learning new camera settings; yarn much more green than shown in photo.)IMG_0362

Now I’m off to check my stash and find some lining fabric…

*One of our castle was a “dribble castle,” which one of the families had never seen before. If you’ve never seen it before either, here’s a quick 19-second video I found on youtube; you gotta start with super-wet sand. By the way, our castles were fun, but nothing compared to the guy’s in the video… Wow!

1 comment:

  1. That is sooooooooo adorable! I love those bags. You're my new best friend! :)



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