Wednesday, July 1

Crocheted Starling Handbag


I borrowed a CompactFlash card reader from my neighbors and – yay! – was able to download the last pictures my poor A75 took, including ones of the handbag I alluded to in this post.  Followed a free pattern from futuregirl, altered slightly to include some double crochet rows in the sides instead of just single crochets, so that I could weave some ribbon through. Bought buttons to add too, but decided to just put a bow instead. IMG_4475

For the lining, used this crazy blue (same as for Ely’s tooth pillow), with a tiny bit of aqua peaking over the edges of the pockets. Wide pocket and two pen slots on side…IMG_4481

…and a cell phone pocket at one end. (That’s what that “bunny” became.)  Note for next time: put the cell phone pocket on a side, not an end – the weight of a cell phone made the bag hang crooked when carried. Oops.IMG_4478

And on the other end, opposite the cell phone pocket, I sewed in a little handmade label (inspired by futuregirl’s), with some eyelets added for fun.IMG_4479

And I love how the bottom looks like I sewed a separate rectangular piece onto two side pieces, but really it’s all one piece and was super easy, thanks to futuregirl’s lining tutorial and her genius little 1/8” seams. IMG_4485

Here it is with a bunch of my stuff tucked inside. But that was only for a photo op – the handbag is already off to its new owner, a belated birthday present and big thank-you for letting me borrow her sewing machine for four months or so.IMG_4493

So now I need to make another one. For ME!


  1. This is so cute! I love the ribbons. Definately on my lists of to dos. Now where did I put those crochet hooks from the 70's, I think there with my knitting needles.

  2. Wow! Karin, I continue to stand in awe! :-)

  3. okay, so here goes- I am finally leaving a note!
    I second D's comment. As I have said before, when I grow up I want to be just like you!

  4. Ima, definitely! Find those hooks! And chances are, if you haven't touched them since the 70s, you may need a refresher, especially on things like "foundation single crochet." That stitch was new to me. Pattern author at has some great tutorials for those stitches.

    Dee, you need to learn to crochet!!! Once you got the hang of it, you could watch Star Trek AND be creating purses, scarves, blankets, etc...

    Jenna, ditto. And just for the record, when I grow up, I want to be just like YOU.

  5. Hey, thanks! Would you ever consider teaching a few of us the finer points of crochet work? I have a set of hooks in the basement and I have only ever 'mastered' a scarf and potholder. I am ready for bigger and better things ( and my hubby doesn't need another scarf.

  6. Yeah, Jenna, I'd love to. I've had the idea of hosting a craft night at the back of my mind, and yesterday started thinking it would be fun to teach some crochet stuff to anyone that wants to learn. Others could do other things.

  7. Very, very, very gorgeous, Ms K!
    Oh if I only knew how to crochet. Or knit. Or weave cords and ropes and things. You are highly talented, ma'am! And no, no need for buttons. The ribbon is perfect. The entire bag is perfect. And I was SO sure it was a dustpan. You good-at-disguises, you!

  8. So how far are you from NW Arkansas? lol I love your bag and the lining is SO sweet! You sew so well, it's perfection.

    I took crochet lessons. I should have gotten a refund because they sure didn't take. I tried to crochet something on my own and it was so tight, my mother the comedian said I could play frisbee with it. ;)

    I'm sorry about your camera, Karin. What will you replace it with?

  9. Karin! Karin! Buy a point-and-shoot and one of those DSLRs! Then you can have a backup camera! Or one for each of the adults! I can't get my point and shoot to take decent pictures. It is very sad. And that's supposed to be idiot-proof.

  10. Gorgeous bag! Love the ribbon, and the lining too.

  11. Susan, how I'd love to sit with you and teach you what I know about crocheting. I used to hook WAY too tight too! I finally tried to crochet overly loose, to the point I thought it would just fall apart... and after that, I was able to find my correct tension.

    LiEr, step 1 of your plan for me is complete -- I have a new point-and-shoot. Now sure when step 2 will happen!

    Thanks, MaryAnne. I have a new one started - same yarn color as the ribbon I used for this one...

  12. Karin Karin Karin! I can't believe how amazing you make the Starling Handbag look. I just *love* it!

  13. You are so talented! I love this purse and wish I knew how to do stuff like this!

  14. Thanks, futuregirl! I started with a great pattern, that helped. : )

    Traci, thanks. Have you ever tried crocheting? I love it -- so quiet, so portable, so versatile...



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