Sunday, June 28

Camera, In Memoriam…


Dear PowerShot A75 --

Faithful companion for almost six years, you helped me capture so many memories in pixels – the big family get-togethers and the everyday nothings, the myriad firsts of each of my children, the stuff I’ve made, the places I’ve gone, the people I love.

And remember last summer? We thought it was the end of you – your little LCD screen got all crazy. But good ol’ Internet told us it was a faulty something-or-other that often fails in humid conditions. (Hello, MN summers!). And good ol’ Canon Customer Service fixed you for free!

Yesterday, you took some fun “before” shots of our big yard project. This afternoon, you continued to document our progress, through wind and dust and wetness.

And this morning, you took such lovely photos of the textiles project I finally finished up last night. At least, I think they were lovely. They looked lovely on your little LCD screen.

But alas, I hadn’t downloaded any of these photos before…

...Oh, Camera, I’m really sorry. I thought I put you and House Phone and Cellphone and Keys in a nice shady spot, where you would be out of the way while we worked and yet accessible if I needed you. How was I to know that Ken would back over you with a pickup truck?

I will never forget you.



  1. Ouch!

    What a violent death.

    Does landfill count as a dignified burial? I'd be tempted to perform an autopsy first.

  2. Sniff.

    Very sad indeed. Rest in piece(s), Canon Powershot. Poor Karin. I hope Ken feels led to procure a new camera soon? Did the keys survive?

  3. Hi Kitten -- oh yes, I fully intend to inspect Camera's innards. Just need to find a dainty-enough Phillips head.

    Keys, cell phone and house phone were all fine, LiEr. And I do think we'll get another one soon, just don't know what kind... How I'd love to go for a fancy black strap-requiring kind, but the glorified point-and-shoot has served us just fine so far (and improved greatly since our purchase 6 years ago)...

  4. Oh my goodness, ouch!! Don't you just hate it when stuff like that happens? Samson once jumped into the lake at his parent's house for a refreshing little swim...with his cell phone in his trunks pocket. Oops. It didn't like that too well. :-)

  5. Mark backed the van up over his CCC's laptop computer! That wasn't a good day at work. :(

    Although, I've been dying to buy a new camera. I am sooooo excited for you! I only want about $1,000 camera. I keep telling Mark that it's worth the investment. He hasn't "bought" into my idea, yet.

  6. Dee, reminds me of something Ken did at the lake last year -- well, he didn't jump in, but his cell phone did. And oh, Jenny -- did they trust Mark with a new one?

    And while I'm not a big fan of gender generalities, I do enjoy pointing out the fact that in each case, it was a MAN who was responsible... Or rather irresponsible. : )

    Jenny, good luck finding that $1K. Perhaps under your sofa cushions?

  7. You have been admiring MY point and shoot--here's your chance! I LOVE this little thing that fits so nice in my pocket!

  8. Does no one find it suspect that the camera ended up under the truck? Karin has been interested in a new camera for a while. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I ask that you consider for a moment that the camera was not under the truck but was pushed or placed there when Karin had both motive and opportunity to do so and while I was busy concentrating on backing up and unable to see a small 3x5 inch camera amongst the mulch and other items on the lawn. Think about it.... : )

    Ken the accused camera killer.

  9. how tragic...RIP!!

    you've been awarded! come check it out!

  10. Ken-
    Nice recovery! The jury will review your evidence...

    (oh wait, there is still that issue of you being male - that weighs heavily in the prosecution's favor.)



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