Sunday, June 21

To my Dad, on Father’s Day…

Here’s a video I made just for you, Daddy.

(Ant Running In Circles – The Original was filmed by my father about 30 years ago and starred an ant on a Styrofoam swim tube adrift in a vast swimming pool.)

IMG_0126Momma may have taught me to sew, but it was you who taught me to use power tools. Thank you for including me in so many building projects over the years. Remember all those weekends spent renovating IBC? Not sure what other grade school girls were doing at the time, but I sure loved hanging sheet rock with my dad.

And I would love to write more, but my children’s father wants to get to work on some house stuff and is waiting for me to join him. (Apparently, it’s true that a girl often marries someone just like her dad.) I better go.

Ich hab dich so lieb, Papa!!


  1. That was so funny! Love the music you chose.. so fitting! What a cute Father's Day post. :-)

  2. Thanks, Valerie. The music was my husband's suggestion.

  3. I agree with Valerie, excellent sound track! My kids really enjoyed this video, they're a bit obsessed with ants at the moment so your post was well-timed :)

  4. Yay, so glad that someone other than my Dad could also find enjoyment in it! : )

  5. I think that you did a great job holding the camera steady. I would fall over. :)



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