Wednesday, June 17

I’m A-Doodlin’

I while back I came across these fantastic “doodles” by Stephanie at Homegrown Hospitality


  {click images to go to her galleries and see more!}

And then I saw that I could sign up for a doodle class. So I did!

{You still can too! Top right corner…}

For Week 1, we eased into things by coloring and further embellishing something she’d already penned. Here’s the result of my bit of fun with colored pencils and a black pen:


And here is one of Sophie’s:Doodle-Wk1-Sophie1

I’ve loved seeing what some of the other participants did too:

So, you wanna doodle too?


  1. the doodle class sounds like a lot of fun! nice doodles

  2. Love the doodles!! Yay for Sophie!!

  3. Do you do this course onliine??!

  4. Steph has a special website just for people in the class. She has pdf downloads for us every week, usually one "lesson" and then another "freebie" or mini-lesson... There's also a spot where she's uploading everyone's work as they send it in. So all that is online.

    The actual drawing is done with good ol' pen and paper. Then I either snap a picture or scan it in to upload back online...

  5. These are wonderful! I love the extras you did! WTG Sophie! I know I'll get braver as the class goes along! :)

  6. I really, really love the way you did the word Loving - so sweet! I adore your daughter's work and especially that she chose the word Dog :)

    I will add your student links to my posting too, okay?

  7. Traci, sure, post the link. Thanks!

    And Jen, be brave! I'm tempted to make myself a little "cheat sheet" booklet filled with doodle ideas to inspire me and remind me. Otherwise, yeah, it can be a little intimidating staring at a blank sheet!



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