Thursday, June 18

I’m filled with hope and excitement…

…because while my house still often looks like this…
(for example, at 4:25pm today)  IMG_4277

...I AM making progress.
Case in point, at 4:02pm, I was able to enter this…
(a.k.a. the murky darkness of our under-the-stairs crawlspace)

and, without the aid of a flashlight,
find and emerge, at 4:03pm, with this…

(hence the hope – 
I knew exactly where something was
and found it in less than a minute!)

…so now I can get started on this… 
(from the brilliant yet oh-so-down-to-earth futuregirl)

(hence the excitement
it’s been way too long since I’ve crocheted something)

…but only after first throwing 5 minutes at my living room,
which at 4:30pm then looked like this…IMG_4279

Aaah, I’m definitely feeling a little serenity now too.

P.S. What would 5 minutes do in your home? Care to stop right now, go find out, and then come back and tell me about it?

P.P.S. futuregirl's tutorials are so detailed, informative, and well thought- out, with LOADS of photos – if you don’t currently crochet, you just might start after seeing her site!


  1. In five minutes I can make my livingroom look merely "very" messy rather than "there's been a burglary" messy. I guess that's a function of living with preschool black belts in entropy.

  2. You already know that a messy house isn't my issue. :) (I have other issues) I want to know how to keep the grass out of my that summer is here. The kids run around in bare feet and track it all over. It sticks to EVERYTHING! Maybe, a bucket of water to dip their feet into would work??? I love lush, green grass outside but hate grass INSIDE.

    K, love the bag idea!

  3. i could probably get a room picked up in 5 minutes but then after that 5 minutes my kiddos would have another room for me to pick up!! :)

  4. Hooray for Karin! i AM proud of you!

  5. Wow, I wish I could get my house to look like that in five minutes. Trouble is, my "clean" looks a lot like your "messy". I have a LOT of work to do...

    That bag looks very cute, I'll have to visit that blog!

  6. I love to crochet and will have to check out her site.. thanks for link! Love how just five minutes can make such a big difference in the house. Amazing!

  7. Jenny, when you mentioned a bucket of water to get the grass off, I also thought of a nice lush towel (artfully placed in a amish basket, I'm sure) that they can just step on/into to dry their feet off after...

  8. Perhaps I should have mentioned that my friend had just been there the day before for her weekly cleaning swap. My "before" is usually much worse...

    KM, your "there's been a burglary" description had me cracking up, an all-too familiar sight here too!

    Hmm, I think I'll step away, rally the troops, and go whip the playroom back into shape. If you don't hear from me for a week or so, you know where to find me...



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