Saturday, June 20

Ruffled Layer Skirt, and a Bunny?

A friend invited me over so we could get started on our plan of sewing skirts for our daughters together. Here’s what I got done for Sophie:


We used this tutorial from Tanya at Grand Revival Designs but I changed just a few things. First off, I put the skirt on a peanut who wears 3T-4T rather than making it for a size 5 or 6 as listed; I wanted the skirt to go down past her knees and the dimensions listed were perfect for that.

Also, because the top layer fabric has little silver sprinkles that I thought might be kind of rough if I made the casing as listed, I added a separate band of the green fabric, which happens to be sooo soft, so perfect as a waist band!

Lastly, I clearly hemmed only one of the layers. : ) ‘Wonder what that unfinished eyelet edge will look like after its first washing…

* * * *

And here’s something else I’ve been working on. Not a bunny. Better pictures when it’s all done, which will hopefully be tomorrow!



  1. I know! I know ! It's a dustpan! Seriously, I can't wait to see what it is! We made skirts this week, too. Pictures only much later, I'm sure. Yours turned out very nicely!

  2. Dustpan, ha ha. (I do need one of those!) Can't wait to see your skirts too!!!

  3. curiosity is piqued :)

  4. I'm so glad I checked out your blog! It's great! Unfortunately it's half past midnight and my eyes are closing but you're going right onto my favorite blogs list! Too bad you didn't comment on my blog earlier...I just sent out a blog award and I probably would've awarded yours even if I'm just seeing it for the first time now! As we say in Italy, Complimenti!!

  5. Hi Lisa-- I actually found your blog as a result of the award you left at filth wizardry, so that's why I haven't commented earlier. : )

    By the way, I included a link to your flip-flop post today.

    And since I don't remember how to say "thank you" in Italian anymore, i'll end with the only phrase I do recall: Spazzolina da denti!!! (It's probably just something like "Grazi", isn't it...)

  6. 'zelda, surely by next wednesday, it'll be done and posted! see you then. : )

  7. Quick update via comments! Skirts - done but can't be bothered to take photos. Oh wait, not fully done. Mad idea tonight to make 4th of July-ish skirts for the girls tonight. I'm insane. Yes, I am.

    Enough of me. I came here to say actually that my favorite part of the skirt you made is the waistband in lime - perfect, classy combination and balance of which-color-goes-where in this skirt.

  8. What a cute skirt! I love the raw edge/pointy tip effect of the underlayer, Karin. I bet that child hasn't wanted to take it off yet!

  9. LiEr- can't wait to see them!

    Thanks, Susan. I'm so glad I cut the pointy edge isntead of hemming it. And it's funny... whenever she's wearing, she doesn't "walk" -- she "flounces."



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