Wednesday, June 10

Tooth Pillows


A tooth pillow, mentioned in this post at the end of March, was finally made, in honor of Heidi’s third lost tooth.

Also, a pillow for Sophie. Who is (assumedly) still years away from losing a tooth.

But she was so excited by all the tooth fairy talk that I had to make her one too.

That, plus the fact that it was her white fabric I wanted to use, a fat quarter she bought when we were at the fabric store last week.

I started to take pictures along the way, but forgot to continue after I sat down on the couch next to Kenny to embroider the names. So I’ve made a one-page pattern with notes. (Thanks for the format idea, LiEr.) Let me know if it’s helpful – it’s my first attempt at something like this. I’ll also include thumbnail photos at the end illustrating the steps I did capture…

tooth pillow pattern

By the way: Reason behind NOT cutting tooth shape out before sewing in step 8 is that, this way, you don’t have to worry about the two layers shifting a little as you sew the curves. I didn’t even bother pinning – just held the fabric and guided it through, lifting my presser foot (with the needle in the down position) as needed to help get around the tight curves. Also, if you’re using a hoop to embroider, it’s a lot easier to place if it the tooth isn’t cut out yet. (See last photo below.)

I’m hoping Heidi can make use the pillow again soon! Her other front tooth is s000o loose and she, of course, enjoys doing crazy things with it like making it look like Nanny McPhee’s uni-bucktooth. Lovely!

IMG_3893 nanny mcphee

(Click to see larger size)
Steps 1 & 2:
Steps 3 & 4:
Steps 5 & 6: 
Getting ready for Step 7:
The end…


  1. Hey, Heidi! You look NOTHING like Nanny McPhee. Must be the hair. Congratulations on losing three teeth! And for getting a new tooth pillow. Your mom did a great job with the pillows- good thing Charlotte can read, eh? We wouldn't want her to get the names wrong when bringing the goodies.

    Heidi's mom: You're welcome for the format. Faster than photos, innit?

    Now must go get breakfast for the kids. Terrible parenting, checking googlereader before feeding starving children.

  2. These look awesome! Could I BUY 2 from you, one for each of my girls?

  3. LOL!!! The Nanny McPhee look-alike cracked me up! Heidi, you're much more beautiful though!

  4. LiEr, I must have gone to the same terrible parenting school as you : )

    Suz, I'd love to make some for K & E!

    Dee, I'll be sure to tell H that...



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