Monday, June 15

More Tooth Pillows

These are for my friend Suzanne’s girls. And just in time, since Kayla just lost her first tooth yesterday! Essentially they're the same as the ones I made for mine, except the pockets are a little smaller and, instead of white on the back, I used the same fabric as on the pocket, just to jazz them up a little.

The lighting in the bathroom isn’t ideal for picture taking, but I had fun trying to get the front and back in one photo.

As requested, blue for Ely…IMG_4074

and “purple… and red…” for Kayla. Sorry it doesn’t have any “…and blue…” on there, kiddo! Maybe the yellow will make up for it?


Names embroidered with two strands of floss using chain stitch. If I make any more, I think I'll put a little ribbon at the top so they could hang from a bedpost, door knob or other hook...

Heidi, when she saw them: “Why doesn’t mine have a backing like that?” Poor girl, stuck with Momma’s prototype…

P.S. Heidi's crazy dangling uni-bucktooth fell out a few days ago!!! And there was much rejoicing.


  1. Too cute! :) It makes me want to pull my teeth, I get a pillow!

  2. I can think of a BUNCH of reasons to pull my teeth out. Wait, no, my hair...



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