Saturday, June 13

Last Two Shoulder Bags: DONE!

Another thing from my list: the last two bags for Kristin.

Side A:


Side B:


These are essentially the same as the reversible purses I’ve been making as little girl birthday gifts. In fact, they were made as a result of one of those purses. Last August, I made this little purse, and matching  notebook cover, for one of my daughters’ friends for her birthday.

IMG_1710IMG_1714 IMG_1720

Soon after, the girl’s mom was thinking about what she and her co-leader could give to her group of girls from church. Ah yes! Make the purse a little larger and it would be perfect for carrying a Bible and the spiral notebook each teenage girls would be using in their study.

The prototype I made seemed too long to me. (Happily, my work wasn’t wasted; a teenage friend of mine didn’t think it was too long and now totes her stuff around in it.) So we decided to make them wide instead of tall, more like a shoulder bag.


The three of us spent way too much time in the fabric store and eventually picked out four prints and two solids that all coordinated.


Then we had a couple fun assembly line sessions where we put together the purses, each having a different combination of one solid and two prints. So, like the girls for which they were intended, they would all belong together yet each one would be unique.

Like the purses, each bag got a monogram. But there were only 10 girls. So we only finished 10 bags. The last two have been stuffed in my “current projects” cubby, waiting for monograms/owners. Since September 2008.

I finally finished them up without personalizing them. But since I had an extra “j” and an uncut square leftover (in the correctly matching fabrics no less!) I laid those in place before snapping the photo below, to kinda show what the monograms looked like.


Hmm, this reminds me – I never did make that purse tutorial way back when, did I? But that will have to wait til the ballet skirt (#1 on Sophie’s Mommy-To-Do list) is finally finished too.


  1. I love your notebook covers :o) When you post your doodle art class project, I will link mine to you as well.

  2. Mulţumesc, Diana! : )

    Traci, had hoped to post that today, but it didn't happen. I'll let you know when I do. Thanks for your note.



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