Monday, May 11

Project List

This post is more for me, but read along if you’d like. I’m having trouble remembering all my current and intended projects so have been talking about needing to make a list. Apparently, Sophie picked up on that; this morning, here’s the list she brought me (I wrote the captions as she was “reading” it to me):

(made with the tulle she found in my stash and made a point of showing me; also shown at the end of this post)

(never been closer to being done, but am stuck with what to do in the corners… might ask for more help, since you’ve been so stellar with hula girl guidance!)

(she’s already sketched out the mock-up elsewhere; if I can follow her design, this puppy is going to be stinkin’ cute!!!)

(seems that February’s and March’s made an impression)

So, here’s my list for now (not in correct order):

  1. ballet skirt(s) -- DONE: 06/15/09
  2. Al’s Quilt -- DONE: 05/31/09
    (especially because I need to soon return Bob, the machine I’m using to do the quilting!)
  3. Sophie’s puppy softie
  4. May June July pillowcases
  5. Sophie’s deer softie and butterfly softie
    (also already sketched out for me!)
  6. grill box puppet theater
    (will make more sense after tomorrow’s post)
  7. corner garden
  8. thank-you gift -- DONE: 06/30/09
    for my friend who lent Bob to me (for four months and counting!)
  9. Kristin’s bags -- DONE: 06/02/09
  10. playhouse window(s)
  11. hula girls skirts/pillows/beanbags/appliquéd Ts/etc.
  12. vierteilliges Flickenkissen
  13. braune Schürze
  14. Dee’s lap quilt (it’s not a surprise, hence not in code)
  15. Sara’s nursing cover
  16. mehr Stillabdeckungen

Wow, that’s not even a dozen. Clearly, I’ve forgotten many. Which is why I need this list… somewhere where I won’t lose it like the last one I wrote. Which is why I’m putting it here…

updated 5/13/09: I keep remembering more stuff but some of it’s for people who read this, so I’m putting it in code. Any Germans reading this, don’t spill the beans. : )

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  1. LOL, such a good helper! That should keep you busy for awhile. :)



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